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I stayed silent for quite a while, it was only broken when a Lust messenger broke through the window. Each demonic faction has its own type of messenger, the Lust messenger are small, fairy-like creatures with typical demon horns and arrow-head tails. They wore skimpy seductress outfits and long red hair that mirrored the colour of their eyes.

“Lillium Rose-”

“Don’t be so formal.” I cut her off and she let out a little shriek of a laugh. They know I hate my full name.

“Well, Lillium, you must come along with Jet, to Lucifer’s castle. Grave news,” she stopped and I tugged on one of her dragon wings. “Get on with it.” She let out another shriek and I growled.

“Juliette has died; she’s being replaced right now...” I shook my head, doing a double take. Juliette, was dead, “What!?” I exclaimed.

“She was killed, by Modesty.” An angel killed her? That’s just less believable.

I let out a wordless growl, “Go, we’ll be there.” I flicked the demon, sending her cart-wheeling out of my sight; bloody pixies. Jet said nothing, his cocky stance still remained and I knew he was thinking about defeating Peace. We set off some moments later after I had gathered myself from the news. I knew my Lust counterpart would be there and I hated it. I loathed Alex and what tops it of... he’s my sire.

But I dragged myself to go, by the will of Lucifer; I would rather face Alex than become human again. When we got there everyone had already arrived, of course. Even Sloth had turned up, but obviously, he was asleep. I scanned the crowd and there he was Alex.

He stood there with his red sex-hair and even darker red eyes. As soon as I appeared he looked to me; with pride, awe and of course...Lust. I shook my head, deliberately turning and pretending to talk to Jet. When Lucifer had acknowledged our arrival he began.

“Today we are going to celebrate the life of Juliette, but also we will welcome a new member into the thirteen. Please welcome Jennifer to your ranks.”

At this introduction a woman appeared with long, flowing blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She looked about twenty but we all know she was in fact thirty. Her soul was only ten years old and she was already in the thirteen! As Lucifer handed her Juliette’s mirror I growled, “No!” I protested, I liked Juliette, this woman could not replace her, she was...“you’re too inexperienced.”

I growled and she stuck out her tongue like the kid she was, “you’re just too old.” She jested and I snarled, I would have rampaged forward to hit her but something held me back, someone held me back...

Alex had two hands on my hips, he spun me round and as I looked up at him I caught his eyes, my anger bubbled away and I realised why I had fallen for him. He leant down, planting his lips on mine, my tongue twining with his. I could see his eyes glance to Jennifer and then over his shoulder I saw James and Lizzy drink up the jealousy that flowed from her. I pulled away and looked back to Lucifer. His eyes raged and I smiled to him as he continued, “also, with the murder of Juliette, I have decided you will always be accompanied by your counterpart when travelling to the surface.” He glanced to The Sandman, who of course didn’t have a counterpart. “As for Sloth, you will be with Lust, make sure they stay on track.”

The Sandman didn’t awake but he seemed to nod before he appeared beside me. His cat, Casper I think, was nestled in his arms. His cat too was asleep. He had tanned skin and messy brown hair; I’ve never seen his eyes. I don’t think anyone has. He’s always asleep; he still walks and talks at times though.

I turned to Jet, then to Lucifer, “Bastard!” I called and Alex bent down to whisper in my ear:

“You would think you don’t want to be with me.” His warm breath tickled my neck but I shook away the sensation.

“I don’t!” I shouted and he recoiled, taking his hands from my waist. I turned to Jet instead, a frown on my face. I felt as if wanted to talk. I just didn’t know what to say, so instead I crushed my lips to his, kissing him just as furiously as Alex had kissed me.  I saw Lucifer’s face and smiled closing my eyes as I deepened the kiss as much as I could, Jet’s body pressed to mine. I knew Lucifer had become jealous. I could feel his hot stare burn into my neck. Screw you, Luci.

The End

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