War? Pfft. Maybe.Mature


Wonderful. Rumours turn out to be fact and the whole underworld just falls apart at the seams.

And Lucifer is nowhere to be seen.

Messenger demons are flying around all over the place and the Librarian is desperately trying to find a way to stop demons bugging him.

I walk over to him and the demons pestering him scarper. Funny how being the head Wrath demon can do that.

"Oh Jet, thank you," he says and I smile.

"I didn't do anything. I walked over and they fucked off. I go away for an hour and come back to the place in melt-down. How the fuck did that happen?"

"People think that just because the thirteen have competition a war is going to start." He sighs, busily sorting through books. "Now my beloved library is ruined." I look around at the mess and laugh.

"Yeah, have fun sorting that one out. Tell them it's not gonna be a war. A small skirmish at best, and the thirteen only are going to fight. It won't go beyond that. Any idea where Lucifer's got to?"

"Yes, actually. He's gone to heaven." I do a double-take. What the fuck?

"Heaven?" I repeat incredulously. "Nutter," I shake my head and decide I'll just ask him what's going on when he gets back; "I'll see you later." My chain whips out around me and takes me straight to Lils.

Lust district. I find myself in her little apartment type thing. Dunno why she bothers with it, to be honest. I look around the decadently deep red room, lush velvet drapes and all over done crap like that hanging about the place. The focus of the whole place is a huge bed, set in the middle of the room. She's stretched out on the bed, watching me.

"Told you I'd find you easy," I smirk.

"So you did," she nods slightly and I sit on the end of her bed, cross legged and facing her.

"Uh-huh. So what did Alice say?"

"She simply named the angels and told me she was attacked. She also told me to tell no one... ha." I half smile, leaning forward so my chin is resting on a loosely curled fist. Names don't mean much; so what Alice said wasn't much use, really. I mean, I'm Wrath, better known as Jet. But what's in a name? Sure I can get fucked off, but I can feel lust and whatever else.

"I hear the latest rumour is that we're going to war. I told the librarian to say it wouldn't get much further than a small scale fight between each set of thirteen..." I look up at her, "What do you think?"

"I think that Lucifer will turn this into a war, but it doesn't have to be. We know the thirteen can beat a few angels. Lucifer will take the chance to overthrow God. You know what he's like." Hmm... I do. But what's he doing up in heaven?

"Mmm," I mumble, wondering. I'm tempted to follow him up there and find out what's going on first hand. No one is more capable of lying through their teeth than a demon. I should know. "Librarian told me he's gone up to heaven. I wanna find out what's going on. First hand. He'll only hide stuff til last minute otherwise."

"I wouldn't, however, it's not hard to get info out of Lucifer, just bargain with him. Give him something he wants, needs. I already knew where he was." I roll my eyes.

"Of course you knew where he was. I've been getting laid while you were down here. I was hardly gonna come down here mid fuck just to find out where Lucifer's gone off to now. I still wanna do my own... research."

"That and I know all Lucifer's plans. What? You think I sleep with him for nothing?" Okay, now she's talking to me like I'm a retard child.

"I'm not an idiot, Lils," I growl irritably, "so don't treat me like one. Believe me if I was desperate enough to find out what he's up to, I'd put on a female glamour and ask him myself. My point is I want to do my own thing. Ten thousand years of following the rules... to a certain extent at least. It gets more than boring."

"So what're you planning on doing?" she asks. I just laugh. Planning? Pfft. "Oh, well, if you need any help, I'm still brimming with energy." I am too, for once. I feel alive and more energetic than I have in a long time, but... I dunno. Something's not right.

If it was right, I wouldn't be here talking to Lils, I think. Thing is, I can't put my finger on it.

I think I might actually be worrying about it turning into a war.

C'mon! I'm a Wrath demon. I shouldn't be worried about a war.

Having said that, the only wars that I've ever taken part in haven't been on such a big scale. World War Two was nothing compared to the last cosmic fight. I was just turning a thousand, my first millennia, welcomed in by the decimation of demon ranks. Angels might not know much about firearms, but they're still a powerful force when they want to be.


The End

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