The Dawning of WarMature

I shrugged, I didn’t know about this whole power thing and it unnerved me a little. “I’ll have to take you to a strip joint, see if it’s true.” I folded my arms, lifting one leg to lean on the wall in a more comfortable position. I changed my clothes, switching into a white blouse that was unbuttoned over a red lace bra. I wore a pair of tight black jeans and a red thong; the material could just be seen above the trousers as they sat at my waist. My hair became shorter, sitting on my shoulders and of course, the black heeled boots.

The power I had gathered from earlier still ran through me, the hot, orgasmic energy, I love Lust. "Mmm, if you think you can handle the energy," he winked, demons, when they reach their full capacity break. Suddenly divulging in everything to do with their sin, it’s not so bad for pride, sloth or gluttony. But lust and wrath turn into animals. After remembering this I laughed.

"Oh, I dunno. I might end up going wild." I smirked.

"Sounds fun; so c'mon then, where's the best joint?"

"Vesuvius, it’s sort of classy, I guess. It's not a hole in the middle of a rundown town anyway, wanna go by rose?"

"I don't care how we get there," he laughed.

I took his hand, enveloping us in the rose petals that embodied my power, "Vesuvius, the one and only." I laughed, smiling at the gazes that fell upon me as I pushed open the doors. Jet bought a drink and sat on one of the leather chairs that lined the large red room. Strippers danced elegantly on the poles in front of us and a visual display of flesh could also be seen in the ‘private sectors,’ where people had left the door open.  

I sat down beside him, my legs crossed, firmly keeping my eyes either fixed on the floor or Jet, so as not to arouse any more lust in this place. "Feel anything?”

"Yeah, it's... wow; it's really different to Wrath." He grinned at me. "Now I have more energy to lose every minute.”

"Of course it’s different to wrath. It's hotter, more passionate and more...pleasurable."

"Mmm," his eyes strayed up to one of the strippers as he drained his glass and I followed his gaze for a split second.

"Her name's Amber, she's young a little inexperienced but when she gets going she’s like a cat in heat.

"I can imagine," he grinned.

"Jet," I shook my head, "well, if you've found happiness here I'm off, too much energy here. Don't forget to tip well."

"Happiness, I’ve found lust, not happiness."

"Lust is happiness." I smirked and he laughed. "I'll see you below then, or are you coming with? Mind I may be a while, a lot of energy to burn off."

"I can find you without even thinking about it. Have fun burning your energy off."

"Yeah, with most of the demons I know, it's gonna be tremendous fun." I growled.

"I dunno, you seem a little distant."

"Clearly, someone needs to make some new friends," he smirked.

He looked at me, "oh yeah, with who?"

"Lils, there's a whole world of sinners below, more than that, really, more generations, but y'know what I mean. Go find someone interesting or particularly horny."

"Right," I dismissed him, "Amber!" I called and she instantly answered my call. "You have a customer. Treat him well and I'll reward you." I smirked and she nodded, walking over to Jet sensually. "Have fun."

"Heh, thanks," I glanced back to see him wink at me as he pulled Amber down onto his lap.

"No problem, consider it payment for not letting you finish earlier. Now we're even."

"Mmm, I'll see you later." I simply laughed as I left the building, disappearing in a shroud of roses again. When I got in hell, Alice was on her knees, her glamour cracked and broken. “Alice, Alice what’s wrong?” I murmured but she could only manage a faint whisper.

“Modesty, Peace, Love, Ambition, Generosity, Modesty and Benevolence,” she mumbled.

I looked at her, “the angels? You got attacked by modesty?” It doesn’t take a genius to figure out who attacked her. She nodded and I picked her up, taking her back to the pride sector. But of course, being the pompous twats they were they said they were too good to take care of her, so I ended up doing it. I did, however, take the liberty of contacting Jet.

 "Jet, be careful."


"Yeah, Alice met Modesty. That means Peace must be around somewhere."

"Huh. Peace won't be able to do anything. Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity, after all."

"Of course, but, Love wasn't exactly loving, was she? They are only names!"

"No, Love was a retard."

"And now she's broken, but still. Be careful."

"Yeah, and who broke her? Me. And I'll turn Peace to dust."

"How's Amber?"

"Like a cat in heat, just like you said."

"Great, I ended up taking care of Alice."

"Dare I even ask what 'taking care of Alice' means?"

"She turned up half-dead, so to speak. Pride never backs down after all."

"Wow. What did Modesty do to her?"

"I don't know, personally, I don't wanna know. Hell's chaos right now though."

"I'll be down in a minute."

"Sure." I nodded, news of Alice got out and everyone was freaking out. Although really, it was the thirteen and Lucifer’s job, I guess, they knew that there would be a war soon.

The End

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