HAH. Suck on that one, God.

I don't particularly care about the fact that angels don't know anything about sex. My pleasure came more from the fact I was staining her soul.

I'm almost glad that the rumour came to something. I look forward to meeting Peace, or whatever my counterpart's name will be.

Hey, at least if my counterpart is Peace, the guy'll never fucking fight back, eh?

Oh, and what I said to Lils about not knowing why my chain went red and about the pendant? I was lying. I knew exactly what had happened. It was just hard to see that it was red through the eyes of a dog. In my human glamour, though, I can see the blood red tinge perfectly.

Although it's kinda fading. I mean, the power is still there, but the chain's returning to its normal silver colour. At least like that no one else will know.

It was easy to pinpoint Lil's location pretty easily before, but now? I'm practically her shadow. Not literally. I'm not that bored of being immortal yet.

Anyways, enough of the rambling. We make a pretty snappish exit from the human world and hey, guess who's waiting for us when we get back?

Oh yeah.

He's still apoplectic, too.

Even more so now that we broke the rules.

His muscles are literally bulging out of rage. Guess he doesn't realise quite how ridiculous he looks. Mind you, I'm still wearing my gay angel glamour. I don't feel the need to change it, though. I mean, I get rid of the wings - they're a bit much, really - but other than that, I stick with the skinny Aryan look I have going on here.

"Chill, man," I say, not giving him a chance to yell. I smile and walk past him.

"Jet! You should know better! You blatantly ignored the rules!" He growls, grabbing my arm. I look down at his hand and my smile doesn't falter.

"How else are you supposed to find out really interesting things, then, hmm?" my smile widens into a grin as I let him mull over the cryptic question. "Gonna let go of me yet? Only you're kinda irritating me." Yes, I am resisting the urge to burn his hand to make him let go. No, I'm not fucking scared of him. Think of him as a playground bully. That is essentially what he is. Just on a bigger scale.

With more powers...


He yanks me closer to him. "Damn it Jet, you're not king around here! You abide by the rules or I'll banish you back to Earth." He growled. "Now tell me, what did you find out?" I let out a bark of laughter.

"That's more like it. Knew curiosity would get the better of you soon enough," I chuckle. Hmm. I'm still thinking very seriously about burning his hand, though. He growled again, hitting me in the stomach. I take the blow without flinching. Sure it hurts. I mean it's Lucifer. Not many people can hurt me, but he can.

"Damn it, Jet, I asked you a question!" Yes, yes you did.

"I know that." I love his anger. The more pissed off he gets, the better I feel about everything. Even when he gets physical.

Ooh. That sounds more kinky than angry.

A bubble of laughter rises up in me again, but I hold it back, attempting to answer his question before he actually does make me human again. Pushing the envelope is fun, but not fun enough for it to be worth becoming human again.

"Right, fine. You know those rumours that have been flying around? About God creating an angelic thirteen?" I grin and drop my voice to a whisper, making him strain to hear the next words. "It's true," I look back at his hand. "Now I suggest you let go of me."

"Or you'll do what?" He snarls, pushing me away from him anyways. "Remember, I can make you human again Jet." I nod, still smiling.

"Well, I was considering burning your hand off, but it was for the very simple reason that I don't really feel like becoming human again that I restrained myself."

Lilly giggles and Lucifer huffs at me, "know your place," he warns, before disappearing.

"Grumpy old fucker. He's only pissed ‘cause he didn't get any earlier." I grumble, rubbing my arm where he was holding me before. I might not have any real flesh, but he can still harm a glamour.

"I know, don't know why he likes me so much. You do realise he's bluffing right?" Lilly says and I smile.

"About him turning me back into a human? I know. I'm kinda valuable to him. He wouldn't risk it." Arrogance seems to be a strong point today. Hmm.

"Just wondering," she leans against the nearest wall. "Thank you, for earlier." I just nod in acknowledgement, trying not to let the energy I got from Lucifer's anger slip away so soon. I know it'll last me a few hours yet, but... I still wanna know how you can age like this and hold your energy for as long as you could when you were a new demon. "I can find out, all I have to do is sleep with Lucifer." She shrugs and I just nod again.

"I know, but it's so frustrating," I growl. Although... "Hey, so if I've absorbed a part of your power, does that mean I'm gonna pick up energy from Lust as well, now?" I wonder aloud. Sure I know what my chain does. Doesn't mean I know exactly how much of her power I've got.

"I don't know, it's possible." Interesting. I may grow to like this development.

The End

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