Rip Out the Wings of an AngelMature

"No, I got bored of just watching, but it looks like I got here a bit late."

"I am a demon, Jet, what did you expect of me?" I still did not turn to look at him; my voice was cold, frozen almost.

"Well... more mess than this, I guess."

I pointed to the church, to the vicars who were strung from the rafters by their own insides, to the bloodied feathers on the floor, the screaming soul of the angel floating around us. "Leave me, Jet." I sighed and he shrugged, walking away. But I caught him by the arm, pulling him back. “How can you be so cold?” I ask, okay, I felt no remorse for the people I had killed. But, I still hung close to my past. Jet seemed to have none of that, he was the master demon. Cold, ruthless, he wasn’t even scared of Lucifer. Why couldn’t I be more like him?

I hate the fact that he always looks on me as I kid, but when I look back on myself I feel the same way. When I think of how I complain, how I whinge, how I follow everyone around... I’m just like I was seven years ago. Well, I was twenty-one when I was turned; fourteen is the age I’m referring to. I’m just a kid in his eyes, in their eyes. I want to be more than that. I want to be a demon, a powerful demon. Lucifer says I have the power, just not the mind, I need to think more like a demon, let go of my human emotions; Love was easy to give away, my sorrow, my hate, that is all to fresh. I can’t help but moan, cling to my childish ways. I gave my childhood away, I guess I want to reclaim it, but I can’t and now is not the time too. I just looked into Jet’s bright green eyes and tried to find answers.

I wanted to let go, to become great like him, to rule over and beat the other thirteen. To have power like him, I know how to get it; I just didn’t know how to do that. I need to get rid of my emotions, but how do I do that? How do I become a cold, ruthless demonic seductress?

“Tell me, Jet. How can I be like you?”

“Wanna be like me? Be born pre-civilisation. I've never experienced human emotion," he said, "just anger and fear." I don’t know what I was expecting, not miraculous advice. But I wanted at least some advice, that wasn’t helpful at all. In fact, if anything, it made me feel worse about myself.

"Great, so I'm stuck like this. What kind of demon can I be, if I still feel the pain from my past?" It was a valid question, what demons do you know that feel pain, that feel their heart stop (figuratively speaking) every time they think of their past?

"I dunno. Ask someone else that did know what emotion was like."

"Hmm, I don't want to. Perhaps, I don't look up to anyone quite like you. Huh." I thought, his figure became blurred as I focused on the trees behind him. I have no idea why I said that out loud, but it got me thinking.

"You look up to me?" he hid an amused smile. "Not heard that one before."

"Yeah, I didn't mean to say that. Hmm, well, I'll be staying here for a little while. Don't think I can face Lucifer just yet." It’s not that I couldn’t face him without breaking down in tears by the flood of memories. I just didn’t want to see him and punch his face in. Although, Earth was a haven away from him; neither Lucifer, nor God can walk upon the Earth, their lackeys can though, something about diluted blood.

"Sure you didn't mean to say that," he grinned.

"I didn't mean to say it out loud, no."

"Heh, it's out in the open now," he winked.

I sighed, "Yeah, I guess it is. I admire your strength, your demonic prowess. I guess I want to be like you." I elaborated; I thought I might as well. I'd already screwed up by telling him.

"You'll learn," he smiled.

"I hope so." I mumbled, I heard a beating of wings and I raised my gun to the sky. I pulled the trigger and a loud thud could be heard. "I guess we should go, the angels are arriving." I wanted to stay, but something about rules means that if any harm should come to humans in a giant scale the angels shall come and collect the souls, taking their innocence to heaven. Load of crap if you asked me, which was God’s way of cheating. Although, if we stay we could be killed by the angels, yeah, as if that was going to happen.

"Uh, doesn't that mean we should stay?" Jet laughed, his chain snaking down his arm, ready to ensnare any and every soul that got too close.

"Feel free, don't think Lucifer would be too happy but who cares? I don't think I'm scared of him anymore."

“That's the attitude I'm looking for," he grinned. I watched as his chain shot up into the sky, pulling an angel down, kicking and screaming as her soul was pulled apart.

"Ruthless." I laughed, entangling another angel in a flurry of thorns, shooting up from the ground. I ripped off his wings and as he became human I shot him. I like my power, it was strong and roses are amazing after all. I mean, he has a silver chain... I have power over thorns which come in a multitude of different things; from a dagger-like form, to a restricting form that slices through flesh like barbed wire.

Jet let out a low hiss as thorns grew out of the chain, piercing his glamour. He stared at it for a moment, looking a little confused at this new development, before returning to slaughtering the angels as they landed.

"You absorbed my power; you should know how to use it." I grinned, shooting dagger-like thorns into the next angel. "They're razor sharp, slicing through skin flesh and bone. Be careful, hmm?"

"And apparently glamours," he muttered, "I have no skin, flesh or bones."

"Well, they are powerful; better than a silver chain." I stuck my tongue out as I suffocated a bunch of angels in a cloud of petals. "Each beautiful rose, has its thorns. You shouldn't judge me by looks." I spat at one of the angels as I caught one of his arrogant thoughts. One of the many downside to angels is they must be virgins to transform from angel to human. That means that half of the men look to me with lustful smiles. As if, screwing an angel is horrible; I tried, they’re bumbling, fumbling fools that have no idea about anything.

"Hey! My silver chain's done me well over the last ten millennia, thanks very much."

"And you've never absorbed someone else’s power with it? Hmm, well, my power's as good as any I guess. A little better in fact, don't tell Pride I said that." I laughed, growing slightly tired of this one-sided fight.

"At least Lucifer gives more of a fight." I yawned, before I caught sight of something... an angel, that looked like me but brighter, she had a gun, like mine. She sent a flurry of lily petals toward me. "Ahh, Lust, I've been waiting for this day. I represent Love." Three words crossed my mind at this point. What, the, Fuck? I didn’t say anything, nothing to say, but if she represented love she would die by my hand.

"Still bored?" Jet asked with a slight laugh.

I shook my head, "No, now I'm confused." I whispered before turning my attention to the angel. "What the hell are you doing here you fucking doppelganger?" I readied my gun and she did the same, I took a step forward and so did she. Oh, this was going to be annoying.

"I thought these guys were just a rumour," Jet murmured with a frown.

"What, you know about this... thing?" I could see my words were annoying the angel, her face flushed slightly red as she got angry. It was sickeningly cute.

"Well I’ve heard rumours that the thirteen all have an angelic counterpart. But like I said, I thought it was just a rumour, never expected it to come to anything." Yeah, when you hear rumours in Hell, never believe them. Even demons don’t trust other demons. There are some you can trust, but it’s hard to find them.

"Oh great, well, I don't like it." I growled, sending a dagger-like thorn to her, she used her stupid lily petals to send it away. "Now, now, you've been naughty here. You have to be punished Lust, I will cleanse your soul and allow you passage into the golden kingdom." I froze and began laughing. "You're doing nothing of the sort, Bitch." I took a glance at Jet and he was almost crying with laughter at her ridiculous words.

"Well, as great as that might be. I'm gonna have to go. I have people to screw. Good luck with your... whatever it is you people do." I giggled, "Love, it's a ridiculous emotion."

"It’s not."

"It is kid, grow up."

"It's not!"

"Eugh..." I sighed, shaking my head I turned to Jet, "you coming, I've had enough here."

"Dunno... Am I in the list of people you have yet to screw? I didn't get to finish before," he was still laughing.

"If you want to be," I smiled and the angel recoiled. "You two are sick. Sex is yucky and a sin." I laughed uncontrollably. God, you screwed up here.

"Sex is brilliant," Jet grinned, pulling me close, his hand snaking down my back to my rear.

I kissed him lustfully and the angel wrapped herself in her wings. "Eww! Sex is yucky and you should not be participating in that action!" She shouted through her wings.

Jet kissed back for a moment before pulling away, whispering "one sec," in my ear. He crouched and leapt up at the angel, knocking her gun to the ground as he slammed her into the wall of the local church behind them. "How can you say it's 'yucky' if you've never tried it, hmm?" he grinned, putting his hand between her legs.

"Ahh!" She shouted, "No, no! Let go of me!" She squirmed.

"No, I don't think I want to," he growled, ripping away her clothing.

She tossed her head from side to side, kicking at Jet. She sent flurries of lily petals toward him, but they weren't razor sharp like thorns so they fell just a little short of actually harming him. "Let go of me!" She snarled, closing her wings around herself. I sighed, resting on the wall opposite them, enjoying the waves of lust Jet sent at me, although, I don’t know how excited he could be about screwing an angel. I mean, honestly...

He let go of her, moving out of her sight to change his glamour. When he moved back in sight, he looked just like the rest of the other angels, his hair a light, mousey brown, his figure slender and almost muscle free, with angel wings to boot. "Hey, you okay?" he asked with a warm smile. Even his voice was different.

"No!” She protested, “That evil Jet character tried to rape me! But I beat him! He ran away! I beat him." She nodded and I couldn't help but giggle. Oh I love this, that little kid was so blind. I could tell she had been changed when she was nine or something. What surprised me is that her soul was old, older than mine. Still, she acted like a whining kid. "Jet...”I tutted.

"Oh good, I'm glad you got him to leave," he said, still smiling. He pulled her into a comforting hug turning slightly so he could wink at me. "Not getting bored down there, are you?" Oh I forgot to explain, they’re flying and Jet’s supporting her right now.

"Oh no, I find it rather amusing." I laughed as Love nodded and hugged him back cautiously, embarrassed by her nakedness, but she smiled, most likely because of how safe she thought she was. He rubbed his hand up and down her back in a soothing motion, trying to get her to relax.

"Who are you? I've never seen you around before." She whispered, leaning closer to him, her wings relaxing and folding on her back.

"You know me well enough,"  he whispered back, his smiled turning crooked as he let his hand run further and further down her back with each stroke.

"No... I don't think I do." She muttered, apparently unaware of Jet's seductive moves as his hand moved closer to her rear.

"My name is Jet," he hissed, pushing her back against the wall forcefully before she had a chance to open her wings or fight back. He grinned, unzipping his fly, his chain spinning around her, binding her limbs.

"No!" She screamed squirming again. "You will get no pleasure from this! I won't be, you can't!"

"We will both love every fucking second," he snarled, pushing into her with an almost violent thrust. Well, perhaps but if an angel gets screwed God heals them, convinces them how bad it is and they go about on their business again. Still doesn’t wipe the memory of being fucked, why would you? Jet’s an expert at this sort of thing. "No, no!" She shook her head, a tear forming on her cheek. "This isn't love!"

"Damn fucking right it isn't. This is pure lust. Welcome to the dark side, baby," he grunted, drinking in the pain she felt from her stolen virginity.

I licked my lips slightly, I hadn't had this much energy in a long time. "No! I won't!" I heard her scream. "This is wrong, so wrong!" She squirmed, but secretly, somewhere hidden within her old human soul I felt the lust she felt, and it was good.

"Is it yucky now, huh bitch?" he asked, grabbing her hair, "do I fucking disgust you still?"

Despite everything she still nodded. "Yes, I am a servant of God and will not be taken by a slave to Lucifer."

He laughed, his hand moving to her throat as he still moved within her. "I'm hardly a slave," he smiled, "enjoy bearing my kids, angel," he groaned slightly, finishing with her, throwing her to the ground as his chain recoiled, sliding back up to his neck. He moved back over to me. "Fun enough for you?"

I nodded and the angel disappeared after crawling into the church. "Well, I feel alive. That's for one thing." I grinned, biting my lip slightly as the energy ran through me, that felt so good, the warmth that came from the lust, the feeling that ran through me. It felt orgasmic almost; it made my glamour tingle and my soul writhe in pleasure. I need to find this sort of energy more often.

"I'll have fun hunting down the half breed. Should have thought of this before; Angels would never have an abortion," he winked, beginning to walk away from the desolate village. I nodded and followed him. “Angel’s are no fun though; they’re too plain, fucking Virgins.” I cursed again.

The End

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