The Beast Within Us AllMature

“And where, were, you?” He asked, taking a step toward me. I took a step back. He raised a hand to my cheek and I batted it away. He snarled and looked at Jet, “you were with him, weren’t you. No, I know you were!” He growled, raising a hand to slap me but I ducked so his hand swatted through thin air. His eyes flamed as he stared at me and I couldn’t talk back to him. I couldn’t say anything; there was something in my throat stopping me. Jet however showed no fear; he simply stood there like he normally did, despite the dagger-like stare Lucifer shot him.

"Yeah, yeah, she was with me, but it was my fault, not hers. If anything, you should be punishing the old demon that should know better by now," he grinned, growing stronger with every second of rage from Lucifer. His coolness astonished me, how could he be so cool in the face of the king of demons.

"My quarrel is not with you, Jet. You should know better, but this is the little slut who has been sleeping around!" He growled, taking one glare at Jet, before shooting his gaze back to me.

I shook my head, "I am not a slut! But if that's how you feel perhaps I should stop sleeping with you, that what you want? Jet is way better than you!" I didn’t really think that through, it sounded like a kid whining.

Jet cast me an uncertain glance. Clearly this hadn't been what he expected. "Now, now, we were going for pissed off, not apoplectic, Lils."

I considered his words, then what I said and I realised he was right, he was fucking right; "Argh!" I shouted; storming off in the other direction, Lucifer however, with his almighty powers, appeared in front of me. "You know why you're down here?” He paused, turning to Jet; “Jet, do you know why she's down here?"

Jet looked like he was thinking for a moment.  "No," he shook his head after a moment, "I was on Earth a lot more than I am now three hundred years ago."

"This little one..." he began, but I cut him off. “Don't, just, don't," I warned, but it was no use, I knew it wouldn't be. He continued anyway, "she didn't just kill her father, mother, sister, mayor, lover, but the whole town. Yes, the whole little village she grew up in, even the next-door neighbour’s dog. It was a slaughter."

 "No!" I shook my head, no...I didn’t, that wasn’t me and I didn’t do that.

"...So? I've done worse than that," Jet shrugged.

"She was fourteen. No one suspected a thing." I shot him a glare, that if looks could kill... "You shut up right there! I did nothing of the sort!" Jet must love this, all the wrath he would have got from me, from Lucifer.

"Nice one, Lils," Jet laughed approvingly, "Just one question... how did you end up a Lust demon. I'd have thought that kinda thing came under Wrath or something."

"I didn't sell away my soul when I was fourteen, I was adopted and that led to a life of... all sorts; mainly prostitution. Lucifer gave me the choice, I denied and I still do, killing that village. So I chose Lust." Like you really needed to know about my history, damn it, I love you Lucifer... so, so much.

"Hah. You know it makes you a whole lot more attractive to me knowing that now," he grinned.

"Good to know." I growled and Lucifer's look turned even sourer. "If the 'damage' has been done shouldn't you leave?" I snarled and Lucifer took a glance at the expression on my face and nodded, disappearing in a flurry of smoke.

"Hey! I was enjoying that!" Jet called after Lucifer.

"I certainly wasn't." I growled again, hitting Jet; although his frame was like stone, I doubt I even touched him, it hurt my hand too. "Oh, bloody Hell." I sighed, shaking my hand off.

"Oh, stop whinging. Get pissed off by all means, but don't whinge."

"I'm going to go kill something." I snarled, feeling the rage boil within me, maybe I did kill that village. God help whichever town got in my way this time. I walked off, I would have run but I need the energy.

"That's more like it," he smiled and I shook my head.

"You're not coming with me." I dunno if I was demanding, warning or generally asking.

"Oh, I don't have to." I knew what he was on about, my blood was boiling and the fire within me was burning so brightly. I knew I was so angry, it was amazing how cool I kept when talking to him.

"Good, thank you. I'll be back... later."

"See you around."

"Doubtful, but yeah,” he tapped his chain and smiled, walking away. I didn’t mean that, if I got too angry, I doubt he would ever see me again. But despite this I clicked my fingers, just for effect mainly and disappeared, leaving my trademark of rose petals on the floor.

What happened next, I would rather not explain, however the aftermath, I thought was a piece of art. Bodies lined the floor of the small town in Canada, it was hard to describe where one body started and one ended. Blood was painted on the walls, the floor. I had even signed my name somewhere. Humans looked up to the sky with blank, hollow eyes, their souls danced around the town, unable to fathom what had happened to them.

I was once again, surrounded by death, blood and corpses. A chill wind filled the air, bodies hung from roofs by bloodied rope, some with knives in the chest, others shot down. It was fun for the first few minutes and then the beast sort of took over. I stood in the middle of the town; feathers lined the floor from where the resident angel had been slain. Jet found me sooner than I thought though. His shadow stood in front of me and I looked up. Not turning round to face him I spoke; “Hello, Jet, Lucifer sent you to me then?”

The End

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