Angelic WeaponsMature

I looked at Jet as he walked amongst the angels, Geez they’re gullible. I walk to the top of the stairs and push open the latch to the apartment building roof. There I set up my gun, using my own sight as a scope. I silently began shooting the blue-eyed doves from the roof of the church. Doves have black eyes; a blue-eyed dove is an angel in disguise.

“Jet, where are you? What’re you doing?” I talk to him via his rose.

"Right now, correcting them on how to make decent firearms, they know nothing. It's ridiculous."

"Lucifer'll be furious! You're not meant to be helping them!"

"Want me to blow my cover and find out nothing?"

"You could at least advise them wrongly!"

"No fun that way. Have faith in an old demon, Lils. I've been doing this a long time,"

"Jet, I do, but I'm getting bored of shooting doves." I shot once more, "now I have no doves to shoot."

"Shoot humans then. It'll piss them off and I'm feeling peckish."

I shot the bell of the church, making it ping noisily and begin ringing, annoying the citizens below as they covered their ears as the bell refused to stop ringing. "Happy?" He grinned and nodded, "Just hurry up will you Jet?"

"Fuck off. I’m trying to find out what they're up to before I massacre them."

"Fine, I'm off."

"Just like I said, no patience, you're welcome to join me, y'know."

"Damn it, no, I'll wait."

He sighed and put together another gun, shouting at the angel for screwing up again and telling him to watch closely. "Fuck's sake. I'm bored. C'mon angels, tell me what I'm listening for, you bastards," his mind grumbled.

"Can't you manipulate minds yet?"

"I can, but I'm so unsubtle it's not even funny. Y'know what..." I saw through his eyes as he looked up, a gun in his hand. "I don't care."

"Wow, I think hell just froze over... Jet, did you just lose your patience?" I laughed, readying my gun again.

I pointed my gun at the angel outside and shot his head to make sure he didn’t get up, “possibly."

"Now I remember why I love being on assignments with you." He seemed too busy torturing another angel to reply so I appeared behind him in a flurry of rose petals. "Hey!"

"Tell me what you're planning!" Jet screamed at the angel, his silver chain burning into the pale skin beneath his hand. "Hi," he muttered to me, not even glancing at me as he held the angel's gaze

"Jet, back down a minute," I whispered.

His hand tightened on the angel's throat a moment as his angry eyes snapped to mine. "Why?" He growled.

"Because I know how to make him talk, let him go, Wrath will not solve this, but maybe Lust can."

Jet closed his eyes for a second. "His soul is strong," he mutters, "and I am weakening. I need him. Make someone else talk."

I nodded, walking over to the nearest male angel, they are easier to make talk. I smiled and kissed him softly and the angel hung on my lips for a while. "Tell us, everything." I whispered and he smiled, suddenly spilling everything he knew, I turned to Jet. "See, I have him hanging on my every movement."

"Mmm, yeah, well done," he muttered, only half interested. His eyes were closed and the angel he was holding was shuddering violently as Jet ripped the soul from his body. "Your soul is mine, kid," he snarled as the light left the angel's eyes.

"Now can we slaughter them like pigs?" Jet nodded, absorbing the soul still. Wordlessly, he chased after the angels that had fled.

I disappeared, reappearing on the rooftop I shot down at those that had managed to flee. "Ahh Jet, I missed you." I giggled.

"Missed you, too," he laughed, his mental voice growing stronger with every soul he stole.

When we'd finished killing and not a soul remained I went back down to ground level to meet him. "Here." I muttered, touching the chain around his neck, making a rose pendant appear on one of the links. "In case you miss me." She smiled.

"Touching, but now I look like a poof," he smiled.

"You don't look like a poof and it wasn't meant to be touching!" I growled, turning it into a twisted black rose that twined around a bleeding heart.

"Can't even take a joke," his smile became a grin as my irritation fed him.

"Stop doing that."

"Stop doing what?" he asked, attempting an innocent voice

"I ain't your food Jet." I growled.

"I'd like to see you resisting feeding off the souls of other demons when you get to my age."

"Heh, I already do."

"You're only three hundred, though. You don't need to."

"Have you seen what sin I am? Sleeping with humans’ sucks and angels...fucking virgins."

"Of course I’ve seen what sin you are. I've seen it many, many times," he winked

 "Of course, I just can't resist."

"Irresistible, me," he grinned, looking at himself before looking at me.

"Incredibly so," I smiled, seductively of course, you should know by now. I kissed him passionately and grinned. "See you around."

"Not gonna join me, then? Gonna be a fair bit of lust in the air in the next couple of hours," he laughed.

"Hmm, tempting... too tempting. Fine, I'll come with. Thank Lucifer I don't have to watch to get energy."

"Ha." he snorted. "I'm hardly gonna be seducing the women. More like drag them down an alley and fuck them whether they like it or not."

"So nice,” I laughed, “Does it usually matter which ones you pick?"

"I'm looking for women that are competent enough to raise a child past infancy, but that's about It." he shrugged.

"I like you more and more." I laughed. "Okay, let's go."

"Ya mean you didn't like me this much before?" he grinned, searching in his mind for women who he deemed fit to bear his children.

"No, I thought you were so obnoxious before. Now you're okay."

"Gee, thanks." He muttered, setting off.

"What? I'm not meant to be all lovey-dovey. I'm a demon. Also, you know I despise love most of all."

"Funny, I hadn't picked up on that in all my many, many years of being a demon myself."

"Funny Jet, go fuck a human," He grinned and grabbed a woman, dragging her down an alley and pulled down his zipper, instantly sending me a wave of lust. "I didn't think you'd found one so soon." I laughed, lapping up the energy off Jet, it wasn't like the woman had any lust in her... wait, nope, I stand corrected.

"Unstable people are easy to find," he grunted.

"You're a dog, Jet." I laughed, slumping down to sit against the wall so I didn't have to watch.

He finished up and glanced at me, zipping up his fly, "a quick dog." He manipulated the woman’s mind to keep the kid and I laughed.

"You never finished that quick when you were with me."

"I'm here to make descendants, nothing more. Humans are nowhere near as fun as you," He winked and as an instant reaction I smiled back, seductively of course.

 "Oh, I know." I smiled, "so how many more do you need?"

"I dunno a few. I might go to Holland tomorrow, though, if you wanna come with," he laughed

"As much as I love your personal errands, I must remind you I have a king of demons to screw and work for."

"Uh-huh, and the longer you leave him waiting, the more pent up energy he'll have. Unless he already fucks you too hard," he grinned

"Yeah, I dunno why I have to be his personal whore, what happened to the rest of the lust demons?"

"You're the best, though. Lucifer always did have a fine taste. Why else would I be the highest ranking wrath demon?"

I smiled, "of course! I'm not even the highest ranking lust demon though. Huh, I guess you're lucky then, I don't screw every demon I see."

"Just most of them," he muttered, darting away from me and knocking another woman flat on the ground.

"Hmm, you know what... I'll see you later, if I ever do. Heck it could be another 100 years before I see you again."

"Okay, see ya."

"Good luck with..." I gestured to the woman..." this"

"I don't need luck. I might be old, but I'm still in perfect condition," he laughed

"Ha, right. Of course you are."

"I'll find you later and make you regret saying that,"

"Good luck with that too."

"Don't need luck with that, either."

"Oh but you do."

"If you say so," he shrugged confidently.

"Well if you find me you can try and make me pay for it."

"I'll find a way," He finished up again and manipulated the woman’s mind, "and the longer you spend with me, the easier it gets to find you again."

"How the..?"

"How the what?"

"How'd you do that?"

He got impatient and that just fuelled my aggression. "Do what, exactly?"

I growled, snapping at his impatience. "How come, the longer I spend with you the easier it is for you to find me?" He just grinned and tapped his nose.


"Diddums, would you like me to tell you?"

"I would but I don't think you're gonna."

"Damn right. Something you gotta learn for yourself, just like the rest of us."

"I haven't learned anything from anyone, apart from my sire and look where that got him."

"Huh. I'm hungry," he grumbled, looking around for someone that looked angry.

"Huh, you've already pissed me off and all that 'lust' sucked. I mean, I'm still hungry."

"Yeah, you're not angry enough. Maybe I'll go piss Lucifer off."

"Oh no, that’s the only source of energy I get around here!"

"Go to Holland then.”

"No, I'm not about to let you ruin Lucifer for me!"

"It’s just because you're so damn old.”

"Ah, but he's fun when he's angry."

"For you yeah, but what will it get you? Energy doesn't last long for you anymore, maybe you should go back to sleep grandpa."

"I'm hardly gonna go up to him and beg him for the answers I'm looking for. Fight him for them, maybe, but just asking is stupid.”

"I don't want you to anger him, then who am I gonna screw for energy?"

He rolled his eyes. "Lucifer ain't the only demon you can fuck, y'know."

"Oh come on, who else? Alice, the Librarian?"

He shrugged, "there are plenty of demons in hell. We even have our own red light district. I'm surprised I don't see you there very often, to be honest."

"Because unlike those lust demons I don't sell myself to everyone I meet. I'm not a prostitute."

"Still plenty of energy down there though," ugh I hate the red light district; I know this is strange coming from me but it is so dirty. At least I have a little class.

"I hate being seen there."

"Use a different glamour then."

"What's the point? It's too much effort."

"Because the others won't recognise you, in fact, I don't think anyone that goes there uses their real appearance."

"Oh whatever, no point in fighting you'd beat me anyway? As for Lucifer, whatever," I shrug it off.

He yawned, "I really need to get the guy to tell me how to stop losing energy so quickly."

"Need some help? Wrath doesn't always work. Heck, look at that angel."

"Less help more answers," he shrugged.

"What if I did find out? Would you tell me about your tracking abilities?"

"Mmm, sounds like a good enough deal."

"Hmm, that was too easy."

"When you're this tired, you'll do a lot to find out how to stop feeling like it."

"Aww, poor diddums," I murmured, placing my hand on his cheek. He scowled and I just looked at the look in his eyes.

"And what you gonna do about it?"

"And risk losing my chance of getting an answer out of the old demon? I'm not Einstein, but I'm hardly an idiot, Lils."

"I already said I'd get it for you Jet, seriously." I smiled. "Just, relax would ya, I wouldn't want to get you too tired out."

"Ah but what's the word of a demon worth, eh?" he grinned. "We're all down here for a reason, and I'll tell you now it's not 'cause we all kept our promises."

"I kept all my promises." I grinned, "Plus, I owe you...big time."

"I didn't have any promises to be broken, when I was a human. Didn't even have a word for it," he smiled.

"I had plenty; I hated being a lady of the house. Ha-ha, lady of the night had a better ring to it." He nodded as I spoke, "That and I killed my dad, hmm; suppose I do have a few skeletons in my closet... heard you just signed away your soul, is it true?"

"When I was on earth, we were barely humans, only just beginning to learn the meaning of civilisation. Lucifer showed me so much more. Who would turn down an offer like that?"

"You're still pretty primitive now."

"Well I was hardly gonna spend my years as a demon learning human etiquette just for the shits and giggles, was I? I only seem primitive to you 'cause you were brought up in the stuffiest era ever."

"Oh screw you. I've been with the worse of them and you're still pretty bad."

"Screw me? Oh, I know you want to," he winked with a laugh.

"I know I do but that's not the point!" We had gone back to hell and started walking, anywhere really. We had walked into the war district though; of course Jet would take me to his district.

The End

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