I'm good.Mature

I'll tell you now, I hate sleeping. I need to go cause a few riots and screw a few humans.

But I think I'll do that after that angel camp that Lilly was on about. I can make even the most placid angel pissed off enough to blaspheme. Years of practice. Well, that's a bit of an understatement, but y'know.

Anyways, I drop the human shaped glamour and force my consciousness away, grabbing a few hours of sleep.

I don't get to sleep long. I get woken up by a screaming child demon. Little shit! I form a glamour and hold the kid up in the air, yelling at her until she apologises. As punishment, I steal her anger and use her the way humans use caffeine. When I throw her down, she runs off and I growl wordlessly, punching the wall. I hate sleep. I hate being woken up even more.

When I've calmed down enough to start making sense again, I go look for Lilly. I find her in a seedy strip club. Grabbing a drink, I sit next to her and watch the "performers" for a moment before I speak.

"So where're these angel, then?" I ask after I finish my drink.

"Downtown, hiding out in the church, there's a basement where they're manufacturing weapons. I know, they're gonna strike back." She laughs. I frown slightly. Angels making weapons and planning to strike back? Interesting.

"Hmm. Might be worth watching them for a while before slaughtering them," I mutter, tapping my glass thoughtfully. You don't spend years in battle fields without picking up a few things. "I'll do it if you want. I might be wrath, but I have more patience than you. Young demons these days," I make a tutting noise and grin at her.

"Hey! I'm not impatient. I have good patience actually." She grins seductively at me, but it doesn't wash, "but yeah, I'll need to set up in the apartments across from the church though, Grandpa," she agrees. I cuff her round the back of the head roughly.

"Grandpa doesn't cover it," I mutter.

"Ouch, damn it." her curses are surprisingly mild for a demon. I smile. "You're lucky I even offered you this assignment, Lucifer suggested I take Alice." She shakes my head. "I'm not working with Alice."

"And you're lucky I couldn't be bothered to punch you properly for disrespecting me, kid," I growl warningly. I really am getting lazy in my old age. Gotta do something about that.

"I'm faster than you though, we all know I'm the fastest demon here." She grins. "I'll show you some time." Why do younger demons think that speed is all that matters these days? I shake my head, still recovering from being woken up too early and order another drink, putting it on someone else's tab.

"I don't care if you're the fastest demon in the history of all demons, Lils. Why would I give a fuck about that?" I smile, silently feeding on the anger she hides.

"Whatever," she mutters, brushing me off, though I know from the fact that I'm waking up a bit more she's pissed at me. "We doing this as a silent mission or a full out apocalyptic slaughter?"

"Silent. I wanna see what they're up to," I muse, wondering what's going on with them. Angels don't get pissed off easily. Angels don't produce weapons. As I think about it, I change my appearance back to my angelic glamour, complete with angel wings this time. "I'm gonna have to suppress my aura before I get there, aren't I?" I groan, banging my head on the table. I hate doing that. It makes me feel ill.

"Yeah, I'm gonna have to use a silencer. Damn it. Well, I hope there's some strip club or something nearby. I hate waiting with nothing to watch or do." I laugh.

"A strip club near a church? You'd be so lucky," I mutter, tapping my glass again.

"Ugh. I know." She sighs, "Well perhaps some couple in the apartment building could be fucking each other. At least I would be getting energy." I nod silently, working on suppressing my aura. I already feel sick. Ugh.

"You don't want me to go in disguise do you? I managed to seduce an angel once... funny story." She laughs and then looks up at me, "perhaps for another day though." I just nod again. When I'm done, I glance at Lilly.

"Can you feel my aura anymore?" I ask, trying to exude as much innocence as I can. Which isn't much.

"A bit, but I gave you a rose, so I think it would be okay."

"Okay." I stand up. "I'm gonna go and get inside the building and see what they're up to. You can stay here if you want, I don't care either way," I shrug, shoving my hands in my pockets, before wondering what the angels would be wearing. I guess I can change to fit when I get there.

"Yeah, sure." At that, I wander off, getting used to holding my aura in as I take the slow route to the basement place Lilly was talking about. I caused as many fights as I could on the way there. They made me feel slightly better. Humans. What can I say?

Once again, I stand on the corner nearby, keeping an eye on what the angels are doing. I stand far away enough for them to not see me, but close enough to be able to see everything. I wonder if I'll get away with the whole "angel with an attitude" thing. They exist. I've met a few. I've killed them, too. They were always more fun.

I edge closer, creating a white hoodie, faded jeans and a white shirt to go under the hoodie. Practicing innocent lines in my head as I get within their sights, I hope I'll fool them. I'm so out of practice. I haven't done this for about two hundred years.

"Hey," I mutter, walking over to one of the angels standing outside. He looks at me critically, not recognising me. "I just got sent here. This is the right place, right? I have firearms knowledge. My guardian figured I'd be useful." He still looks a bit suspicious, but my blatant mention of firearms, a deliberate slip up makes him look at me dubiously for a different reason. I make myself blush as I pretend to realise my mistake. "Sorry," I mumble, looking at the ground. He sighs and directs me around the back where a few other angels stand around. I repeat my story and they wave me down the stairs into the basement.

Oh, I'm good.

The End

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