The New AssignmentMature

I smile as I walk from the castle, I felt so alive. There is nothing like feeding the sin that you represent. Then I notice someone, Jet, also pumped full of energy. I love this world; I love my un-life!

Heh didn’t think I’d be saying that. I look down, I look so out of place now a days. I should wear less, but not whore less. I close my eyes and change, losing my trousers and elongating my dress to my knees. A black rose and thorns snake up the pattern of the dress I also lost the belt, but made the dress tighter fitting to accentuate my curves and then I felt reckless.

I walked up to Jet, smiling, “Someone’s just had a fresh kill.” I grinned, showing my fangs. I liked jet, his green eyes were strange for demons, an interesting choice and his soul was so old, I myself was only three hundred years old. Being a lust demon of course I saw him in a lustful way too. He was after all, hot.

 “Yeah, I've taken to hunting down my descendants recently. Stronger souls,” he smiled, I love his smile.

"Lucky you, I've been finding it harder and harder to find lustful souls. It's killing me." I gave a short, sharp laugh; it would kill me if I didn’t find enough souls, well, not really because I could just turn around and fuck someone.

"You’re just not looking in the right places.” Way to point out the obvious... but I guess I sorta needed it.

I make a short “humph” noise, although I knew he was right. I was new at this and back when I was human the only place you could find sex was in parties. I got all the attention, heck, why d’ya thinks I’m here? “Then where should I look?” I rolled my eyes, I was a lust demon and I only knew the sex places in England, perhaps I should move to America, there aren’t that many peepshows in England after all.

"Holland is good, I guess. You know I prefer war zones to red light districts, though."

"Of course, but sometime, you should let lust take control you know." I smiled seductively... hmm, Holland, I may investigate later.

"Hah, I will next time I'm in the human realm. My descendants are becoming few and far between." Humans, sure, I’ve screwed humans but nothing compares to a demon in heat. Oh and angels... my word, they’re all virgins and they fuck like virgins too. I’m never doing that again.

"Poor things," I stopped for a minute then laughed, "Well, good luck with that one, I'll see you around I guess." I thought I’d walk away but it seems he wasn’t finished... oh; I needed a word with him too.

"What d'ya mean poor things?" he laughed, no demon sympathizes with humans, I was no different its a little invention called sarcasm.

"Well, being your descendents, sure in the looks department... wow. But rage and mental issues, I sorta feel sorry for them; just a bit." I laughed holding up my hand to measure about a millimetre with my fingers.

"Makes the human world more interesting," he smiled.

"I bet, but you know my approach on that sorta thing. But, you know where I'll be if you ever want to let yourself get taken over by the other sins.” I refuse to be called a prostitute, I don’t sell my services. If I did, however, you wouldn’t be able to buy me, honey.

"I know. Right now, I'm feeling more like sloth."

"Is that really a change?" I giggled, seriously, Jet’s sin may be wrath but sloth is a close second. He doesn’t even say his assassination speech all the way through sometimes. No wonder though, I mean over ten thousand years of the same old speech, boring.  He scowled and my smile widened.

"Lighten up, Jet. Oh! Why I wanted to talk to you, I got a new assignment. I wondered if you might wanna tag along." Sleeping with Lucifer has its perks, not only do I get more energy but Ii get the best assignments.

"What assignment?"

"Angel hideout," I grinned. "Slaughter the lot of them." See, I couldn’t wait, angel missions are few and far between.

"Sounds fun," he chuckled, his appearance automatically changing as he thought about how he'd get in unnoticed. Blonde hair replaced the dark spikes and his green eyes brightened as his skin lightened. "Think they'll fall for it?" he asked with a grin to match mine.

"Dunno, seeing how dumb they are, probably." I made my gun appear. "I'll be going long range; I'll shoot the scouts and any escapees. You just clear the building, deal?" He nodded, "then you can go fuck humans, or whatever it was you were gonna do."

"Sure. I need to go sleep now. I'm beginning to feel my age now I've killed the best humans," he grimaced slightly.

"Sleep... Geez Jet.” I know he was old but even Lucifer doesn’t sleep. “Fine, come meet me when you’re ready." I handed him a single, red rose. It was my symbol and he’d be able to track my energy better

"I'm old, gimme a break," he growled, snatching the rose.

"I know, I know. Well, have a good sleep." He walked off. "Sloth," I giggled, calling after him. He stuck up the middle finger and kept walking. I laugh and walk off too, Geez, he is getting old, needing to sleep. I may just show him a good place to get wrath, it looks like he needs the energy.

The End

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