Satanic RosesMature

The thirteen, a demonic agency that deals with things from wars and manipulation to assassinations.

Chapter I: Love is Sweet, Lust is Sweeter.

Love is sweet; it induces a sort of heaven on Earth.

I was here to make sure that didn’t happen. My name is Lillium Rose Alvinia but you can call me Lilly I guess. I’m the proud thirteenth agent of the 13 of Satan. I rule under the sin Lust and I am an assassin. That’s not all I do in my ‘job,’ but that’s the bit I like best.

I’m currently stood in a room, my sniper rifle lifted to a guy’s head; with one hand. I smiled, my perfect white teeth shimmering. My deep red eyes pierced his and he looked away. “I, the thirteenth agent of Lucifer shall give you this rose as your death sentence. You shall sign it with your blood; the thorns shall pierce your life and your soul shall be ours. This." I motioned to my gun, "Will be your final sights. Lust shall be your sin and your curse. For all eternity, this will be served in the fires of hell." I pulled the trigger, the gun moved back but I did not. The guy collapsed. "Amen." I grinned, licking the blood splatter from my red lips.

I was a simple demon, I feed on Lust and those humans that over-indulge are my targets. My blonde hair fell to just above my derrière; I had however a large, red, side-fringe and the red was also on the top of my head, it was the same deep colour as my eyes. I had pale skin and on my upper left arm I had a tattoo of thirteen, in roman numerals and above that a pentagram. I wore gold bangles that were tightly fitted to my wrists.

Now, being a demon of lust quite a bit of my flesh is on display. I wear a crimson dress that cuts off at my thighs; it has a deep plunge at the front and back. A brown belt was positioned just below my breasts and it pushed them up, enlarging them. After all, if I was to get a lot of energy I needed all the men to fall for me. However I was dignified so below the dress I wore a pair of miss-matched trousers. One leg was cut just above my knee, the other just below. All the way up my right leg (the shorter trouser) were roses, etched into my skin. That was my symbol after all.

Then, finally, over my dress I wore a long, jet black overcoat. It had no sleeves and had a red panel on the back. Stitched into the bottom in one of the corners were a rose and the number thirteen in roman numerals again. Oh! I also wore a pair of black heeled boots, what seductress is complete without heels?

I lowered my gun again, its sleek metallic body was cold in my hand and I grinned. She was a beauty of a weapon. I clicked my fingers and roses appeared from the ground, engulfing me in a tangle of thorns. The underworld, what to say? It was warm, but the souls that walked there were cold. You can get here easily, if you sell your soul you become a demon, if you die and have sinned you get eaten by demons for power. It’s a good life. I sighed, making my way to the main castle. The thirteen could deal with Lucifer directly; we were after all pretty high-ranking demons.

“Well, Lilly Rose, if it isn’t my favourite temptress.” He grinned, before looking up from his desk. I nodded solemnly and he dismissed me. He knew why I was there and apparently he had no new assignments for me. Lucifer was... good, in so many ways. I mean, he was handsome, with his blood red eyes and his head of white-blonde hair. His fallen wings upon his back and his muscular structure, you become a specific demon by doing different tasks. I was the highest lust demon, I won’t tell you why just yet but let’s say; Lucifer’s more like an animal than a demon.

I grin and walk back to my quarters, but I could feel Lucifer’s hot gaze on me as I walk away and he stops me. “Wait, Lilly,” I have to turn around, of course I do. “Come here.” He half-smiles and I mirror his reaction. He brings me into a deep kiss and I close my eyes, so he did have an assignment for me after all.

The End

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