Satan Herself

Emma Blake is ordinary. Ordinary in an unlucky, scruffy, always-late kind of way. In fact, she's so ordinary that she's the last person someone would expect to be the devil. She's pretty surprised by this, too.
With the aid of Ruby - the mysterious twelve-year-old goth who doesn't really seem to care, Lisi - Emma's slightly hyperactive best friend, and Rocky - Ruby's cute little puppy, Emma embarks on the bizarre and sometimes terrifying journey to realising her true potential as the Devil.

On the outside, the box was nothing special. It was made of dark, scuffed wood, faintly carved into worn patterns, with rusty hinges holding the heavy lid together with the box, which didn't seem to fit anyway after all the years Ruby had owned it. Nevertheless, she handled it with great care as she opened it slowly, listening to the creaking noise. Her expression, as always, was indecipherable when she looked inside; her long fringe obscuring her eyes, her unsmiling mouth darkly lipsticked against her ghostly skin. However, something changed about her when the music began to play. Something filled the room, along with the tune, that stopped the heart with a cold, unexplainable shudder.

The tune could have been a happy one if played in any other way - maybe by a different instrument - but something about it wasn't quite right. It felt like each lonely note drifted into the air for no reason, only to disappear into nothing to make way for another. It somehow conjured up an image of a child singing alone in a dark room, her voice lost in the shadows.

Ruby covered the contents of the music box with the dark, velvety fabric that had been there before. She picked the box up and sat between the two people who had been watching her, by the window. Without a word, they waited. Ruby closed her eyes and let the echoing notes fill her mind.

Then it came.

The End

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