Sat At The Desk

Olivia was always insecure. But when it gets too much, is the world she's in even real?

A girl sat at the desk. In the library of the manor. Victorian themed. Dimmed lights. Messy. Papers everywhere. Head in hands. Silence. Help.

My mind returned. I was constantly having out-of-body experiences. Not that anyone knew. Now that anyone cared. I brought my head up from the cradle my hands had made and thumped my fist on the desk. Papers and pens jumped, as if startled. 

What was life? Why was in unfair to some and not to others? Fate is what people usually say. But why? What have we done to deserve a bad life? And why does fate hand it to us like a meal, like something you will finish when you're full?

These were questions I asked myself everyday. And my family. But there's never any difference in the answer. Fate, karma, God. Once my dad even said science. Hah, science has only made this natural world man-made. Done worse for the world, one could say.

I lived with my mum, dad and younger brother, Jeremy, in a place called Hawthorne Manor. It was a big Victorian house with numerous room and floors. I'd only ever been in three rooms. The dining room, my bedroom and the library. I felt secure in the library. Around books. And music when I was in my room. Of course, secure is the complete opposite of who I am. I don't pretend I don't know that. I'm insecure and psychologically mental. But it's me, and I won't be anyone else. I can't be anyone else.

The End

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