Flashback part II



....Lady Kathryn, a 20 year old student at NYU was dating the Crown Prince of Yvestolja, HRH Prince Nicholas...Rumour suggests that she took this step as she was unable to cope with an abrupt end to their relationship...

Sasha glanced up from the papers to look at his older brother, who sat calmly at the head of the breakfast table, unfazed by the reports. The phones had not stopped ringing since three o'clock in the night. Their security detail was having a hard time under the media glare.

"The media is suggesting that you killed Kath" Sasha said cautiously.

"None of my concern." Nicholas replied evenly.

"I thought you liked her"

"I did, but you won't understand even if I try to explain."

"Try me" Sasha challenged him.

"Okay" Nicholas placed his fork down, and looked up from his newspaper, "What if I told you that I was suffering from fourth degree bone sarcoma?"

"Shut up. You're paranoid about death."

"I told you. You won't understand even if I tried my best" he said in a disgusted tone and got up.

Sasha didn't stop him as he shambled into his room slowly. The walk of a broken man, he caught himself thinking. The worst part was that he was thinking of hosting a party when a loud gun report rang out from Nick's room. Inside lay just one line scribbled on a chit of paper.

I didn't want her to die inch by inch, the way I was dying.

The End

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