I return from a specialist mission to be approached by an offer that I can't refuse literally and I embark on an enormous mission.

Russia, 2002

   The rifle butt was pressed into my shoulder; as I lay on my stomach waiting for him. The rifle I’d decided to use was an M24 7.62mm with a telescopic sight. I looked down at my watch 11:54, Ok one minute, Marksmanship principles, breath steady, focus. I thought to myself. I was lying on a dusty floor of a bank that had been shut recently. My fingers were starting to numb because of the immense cold from the recent winter and some snow was still resting gently on the floor. I could see the target building easily; it was a large house with gates and long driveway with ornate columns near the door of the house.

 A voice crackled in through the ear piece.  The target is on the way to the house, just passed our O.P should be arriving in about five minutes, running a bit late. Good luck mate.”

   OK this gives me more time to prepare for when he does eventually arrive. Next to me just within arms reach was my operational vest loaded out with spare mags and two smokes, and on my back was a HK G36C but I was hoping I wouldn’t need that.  My heart was beating steadily I looked back for my escape route. Behind me was a metal door which led downstairs and into the main foyer. I had a Ford Explorer waiting by the black door.

    Good now just wait. I looked forward again and immediately saw him, black 4x4 pulled up to the gates and slowly drove up the long driveway. I cocked the rifle slowly and looked down the sight.  Two gorilla like men got out of the front of the 4x4 and walked round to the back looking round suspiciously. One of them stopped by the door and muttered in to his sleeve whilst the other opened one of the rear doors. I removed the safety catch and waited for the pink mist, but the person that got out of the car wasn’t who I was expecting. It wasn’t the target at all. The person I’d least expected got out the car and strutted forwards towards the door and knocked twice. Abdul Mohamed a key member in the Mujahedeen was now wanted by the entire U.N. I needed to decide whether to take the shot I had a clear line of sight and the windage was gentle.  Another 4x4 pulled up to the gates and began crawling up to the house like a creature and came gently to a halt. The same routine as before two men came from the front of the car and one opened the rear door whilst the other scanned the surrounding area. It was him, Dimitri Sakharov; He walked towards Abdul and spread his arms. Abdul turned around and smiled a plastic smile. That’s right keeping smiling. The rifle was pointed straight at Dimitri’s arms dealing head. 3, 2, 1. I squeezed the trigger gently and felt the harsh kick back. The round hit the side of Dimitri’s head and erupted with a spray of reddish pink. That was only half the job, stay cool.

   Immediately, I rolled over staying low and put on my ops vest.  Going back to my rifle I wiped it down with a tissue. Disassembled it and threw it into an air vent that was near my exit. I opened the door whilst retrieving my G36C and pulling back on the cocking handle and releasing it forward. I walked downstairs. It was dark and dusty but I couldn’t stop all cover had been blown and I needed to get out of here.

“Cover’s blown. Leaving now should be at EP in” I looked down at my watch “ten minutes prepare extraction.”

   I jumped into the ford and slammed the keys into the ignition and kicked down on the acceleration I pulled away quickly and had no fear I left before I could be traced. I drove quickly down the icy road and sped along a small street.  I saw the car and brought mine to a halt. I jumped into the new explorer and looked to the left.

“What took you so long?” Mac said with a grin. I’d known Mac since secondary school and we’d become like brothers even though we met by having a fight. He’d always had the same boyish attitude and loved adrenaline. He had a very “live today, Die tomorrow.” Way about him.

“Unexpected visitor, didn’t ping that on the OP?” I replied trying to find out why Abdul was there.

“No mate, why what happened at the house?” he asked looking a bit concerned.

“It’s another story just get your arse in gear and lets go.” I said just wanting to get out of Russia and back in Hereford.

Mac didn’t say anything he just drove fast and didn’t stop the entire time we were travelling. We took back roads and kept quite. I was constantly observing and the roads and watching out for more Russians. A car came speeding out from a small road, at one point but luckily it turned the other direction. We kept driving and after what felt like a lifetime later. We arrived at a field and saw a small private helicopter and got in. The helicopter flew us to a public airport and we jumped on to the first business class flights back to London.

The End

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