sarah's shadow

"so you're like, my doppleganger?"
"yeah, sure (lets go with that.)" kitty smiled innocently.

kitty sat pearched precariously on an undersized branch. it bent under her weight slightly, but not enough to snap. not only that, kitty remided herself, but the wood of this tree could bend quite a ways before breaking. even so, she wanted to get off this branch as soon as possible. the tree across from her had nice thick branches, smooth and sapless. perfect for climbing, only problem was, this tree was five feet away, and at 20 feet above the ground, 5 feet away is a long way to jump. kitty russled through her pockets and pulled out two twin knives, pulling them from there sheiths.

she held the blades in front of her facing the target tree and lept, pushing off hard with her back legs. there was a moment were the only thing benith her was air, but the moment was a short one and she soon felt a sharp jolt as the blades dug into a branch and swung her around by her arms, making a delecate landing on an opposing branch.

she straddled the branch and pulled her knives from it, re sheithing them and sticking them back into one of her incredibly deep pockets. she stopped suddenly however and sat very still, tilting her head in diffrent directions to hear from seperate angles. there was deffinatly a noise in the distance. perfect it sounded like people, many people, almost a whole family. she fished through her cloths and produced a large curved peice of wood, which she held to her ear. the sounds of people talking immediatly magnified. now she was sure it was a whole family.


Camping. ugh. sarah HATED camping, she hated everyting about it. her father ahead of her trying to start the family in a round of 99 bottels of beer on the wall, and her mother complaining in a high voice about lugging the tent up 'this ruddy mountain' every year.  sarah herself was carring the miniature cohlman stove. it smelled strongly of years of hamburger patties that had been lost through its grill. there was also a large about of rice clanging around in the bottom from '06 when her dad had tried to barbeque that as well.

the trail around them showed no signs of ending any time soon. it was about a half hour hike to there cabin, and yet another half hour to the lake, and once at the lake one had to come all the way back to the cabin to use the toilet. AGAIN, sarah hated camping.

The End

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