Lie down on the bed and have some "fun" with SarahMature

"Now that we're both cleaned up, what say we pick up where we left off?" Sarah proposes.

Although you are still not entirely certain about being diapered, you have come to enjoy the sight of Sarah in one. She is standing in front of you in just her diaper and nothing else. The sight of that combined with her bare breasts makes her look invigorating; you can feel your cock press up against the front of your diaper.

You grin deviously and tell her "Okay. Let's have a little 'excitement.'"

She smirks and jumps onto the bed. Then she reaches out, wraps her arms around your waist, and pulls you down next to her. As you lay by her side, you and she gaze lustily into each others' eyes. You wrap your arms around her and begin kissing her. First you are just using your lips, but before long, she opens her mouth and invites her tongue into the picture. You quickly do the same.

For a while, you and she are simply embracing each other and French-kissing. Then she moves her hand to the front of your diaper and begins rubbing you gently. In response, your breathing starts to quicken and you moan in pleasure. However, you are still coherent enough to return the favor.

You lower your hand to Sarah's diapered crotch and rub her through her padding. She purrs like a kitten and her breath becomes more labored. She is getting just as much enjoyment out of this as you are, if not more.

You and she stroke each other through your diapers for over a minute. Overtime, you become more and more excited, and you are hastily reaching the pinnacle of your arousal. It is only a matter of time before both of you use your diapers again, but not to urinate or defecate. Instead, you'll be using them for a much more practical purpose.

The End

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