She changes your diaper.Mature

Although you were initially quite skeptical about wearing and using diapers, you find that you are actually starting to like them. So you nod your head and lie down on the bed.

Sarah leans in front of you and gradually removes your soaked diaper. She pulls it out from under you and giggles, saying "You really had to go, didn't you?"

You chuckle slightly, humoring her. She throws away the used diaper, unfolds the other fresh one, and slides it under you. As she proceeds to wipe up your crotch, you concentrate on her. From the angle she is standing at, you get a full view of her breasts. They are large, curvaceous, and very supple. You feel a slight quiver down below, and your manhood starts to stir.

Sarah scoffs again and states "Looks like somebody's getting turned on by his diaper change."

You try hard to resist the urge to blush.

When she is finished wiping your crotch, she pulls the front of the diaper up firmly between your legs and attaches the tapes on either side. She pats the front of your new diaper and pulls you to your feet, saying "There you go, Daniel. Nice and dry."

She wraps her arms around you and kisses you on the lips. You gladly return the kiss.

When you pull apart, you wonder what will happen next.

The End

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