Tanya comes in and changes both Sarah's diaper and your diaperMature

Before you could answer Sarah by asking her to diaper you first, Tanya walks into the room and asks "Sarah do you need a change before bed!. "You looked over at her and turned beat red. Tanya looks down at your diaper and says "well it seems like someone really needs a diaper change, come here young man". You walk over to the bed and lie down. Tanya comes over and untapes your diaper and says "wow someone really had to go". She then takes a baby wipe and cleans you up. Then she powders you up and closes your new diaper and tells you to get down it is Sarah's turn. She gets the same treatment from Tanya. "There now you both are ready for bed goodnight" Tanya says as she leaves you and Sarah in the room together. "Now babe where were we" Sarah said as she shoved her hand down the front of your diaper and grabbed your penis... 

The End

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