You change her diaper firstMature

After thinking for a moment,  you shrug and answer her with "Since you've already diapered me, I suppose I'll change you first."

She nods her head in approval. Then she reaches under her bed and pulls out a box of wipes. She places them on the bed, and then she lies down next to them. She spreads herself out and announces "Whenever you're ready."

You kneel down in front of her and slowly undo the tapes to her diaper, one at a time. You cannot believe you are finally going to see her private section. Your fingers are trembling, you are so excited.

Once all the tapes are undone, you slowly pull down the front of Sarah's diaper. The padded garment is soaked, but your eyes are focused on what it was covering. Sarah's crotch is clean shaven and smooth. You spend a moment eying her fine ass and pussy, imagining what fun you and she could have.

However, there may be a time for that later. For now, you focus on changing your girlfriend. You pull the wet diaper out from under her, roll it up, and toss it into the wastebasket at the end of the room.

After this, you pick up one of the fresh diapers and unfold it. She lifts up her lower body, and you slid the diaper underneath her bottom. After she sits back down on it, you use some wipes to clean up her slightly moist crotch. When she is all clean, you pull the padding up between her legs and fasten up the tapes.

You check to see that the tapes are secure, and then you pat her diapered crotch and declare "Alright, you're all set."

She smiles and says "Thank you."

You pull her to her feet and give her a hug. When you come apart, she says giddily "Your turn!"

The End

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