She uses her diaper as wellMature

You feel a little embarrassed standing in front of your girlfriend in a wet diaper. She notices your discomfort and pats your back tenderly, saying "It's alright. When I first starting wearing diapers, I didn't really like the feeling of using them either. But I came to appreciate them."

A moment later, you hear a faint trickling sound, like running water. However, the faucet is not on. You look to Sarah, and notice that she is smirking guiltily. You realize that the sound is coming from below her waist.

"Looks like you're not the only one who had to go," she says. To prove her point, she takes your hand and places it against the front of her diaper. You can feel it getting warm, wet, and heavy. Surprisingly, you don't find the sensation repulsing.

When she is finished wetting her diaper, she smiles again and says "There. Now we're both in the same situation. How about we get changed now?"

"That would be fantastic," you tell her.

Sarah takes your hand and leads you out of the bathroom. The two of you waddle back to her bedroom. Every now and then, you glance worriedly over your shoulder, expecting Tanya to show up and see the two of you.

When you arrive back at her room, Sarah proceeds to take out two more diapers and sets both of them on the bed. She turns to you and says "So, do you want to change me first? Or should I change you first?"

The End

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