Go with Tanya to try to help things.Mature

You do not want to mess your relationship up over this, so you decide to go with Tanya.  She leads you into her room, and quickly closes the door behind you.  You cannot be completely sure, but you think she may have twisted the lock as well.  You start to get a little nervous about what will happen next.

"The way I see it, you have two options here.  You can either give up on your relationship and write it off after tonight, or you can try and fix things.  What will it be?"  Tanya glares at you, and you get the feeling she is hoping that you just choose to give up and leave.

"This is quite possibly the best relationship I've ever had.  I cannot give it up.  What do you think I can do to fix things?"  You stare at Tanya with tears building in your eyes, eager to fix what is wrong.  After a moment, Tanya's gaze starts to soften. 

"Okay.  Here is what we need to do.  Sarah is embarrassed that you saw her in her diapers.  We need to do something so that you are just as embarrassed as she is.  That way, she won't be upset.  Judging by your last attempt at humor, you need some help here.  Do you want me to help you so that Sarah is no longer upset?"  Tanya stands there looking at you, and butterflies start to build in your stomach.  What is she going to do to embarrass you?  You are not sure you are willing to do anything too drastic, but you do not want to lose Sarah.

The End

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