Sit quietly and wait for her to say something.Mature

You sit and wait for a few minutes, waiting for Sarah to say something to explain how she is feeling.  After almost ten minutes, you realize it isn't going to happen. 

"Well, I guess I will just get going.  I'm sorry I barged in here earlier.  That was unacceptable, and I apologize.  Maybe we can talk tomorrow to figure this out." 

You leave the house, hoping that time will heal this wound.  Once you get home you decide to go to sleep, wanting nothing more than this day to end.  The next morning, you call and try to talk to Sarah, but the only thing you can reach is her voicemail.  You leave message after message trying to explain, but nothing matters.  It seems that Sarah cannot forgive you.  If only you had stayed and tried to make things better.  You may have missed out on the best relationship in your life.

The End

The End

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