Try to break the ice with a little humor.Mature

"Mommy, wow!  I'm a big kid now!"  You decide to try and lighten the mood a little by singing the Pull Ups song.  Apparently your effort fails miserably as Sarah starts bawling even louder. 

"Just get out!  Now!"  Sarah is almost screaming as you sit next to her. She shoves you away with a good amount of force and crawls up onto her bed.  Within a few seconds, Tanya comes into the room.

"What the hell did you do?  How did you make it even worse?"  Tanya is screaming, and you shrink away and back up towards the far corner of the room.

"I just thought I would lighten the mood and help her see there was nothing to be upset about!  I don't think it worked, though..."  Your sentence trails off as you notice Tanya looking like she is ready to murder you.

"You have two choices.  Either you come with me right now to try and make this better, or you leave the house immediately.  Pick now."  You are unsure of what to do, and the pressure is not making it any easier.

The End

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