Refuse to wear diapersMature

"What?" you say. "No. I'm not going to wear diapers."

"Why not?" she asks.

"Because..." you try to think of a reason that won't upset her. "Because I don't need them." That's all you can come up with.

"Fine." she says, clearly unhappy.

Awkward silence follows. You aren't certain whether she is giving you the silent treatment or she just doesn't have anything to say.

"So..." you try to get her talking again. "What do you have planned for the rest of the day?"

"Tanya and I were going to go swimming." she says.

"Oh." you say. "Where?" You doubt that she'd go to a public pool, there'd be no way to hide a diaper under her swimsuit.

"Our friend has a pool?" she answers.

"Cool." you say, struggling to keep the conversation going. "It's a hot day."

"Yeah." she says.

"" you decide it would be best to give her some space. "I'd better let you go then."

"Yeah." she says. "See you later."

You try to kiss her goodbye but she turns her head, offering her cheek in place of her lips.

She's really pissed off. You're going to have to do something to make things better. But what? Wear diapers? Could you really do that? Maybe you could just buy some and try them, in private.

The End

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