Agree to wear diapersMature

"Okay." you agree. "I'll do it." You can't believe what you're agreeing to but you don't want to lose Sarah.

"Really?" she asks, apparently as surprised as you are.

"Yes." you say, trying to make it sound like it isn't a big deal. "If it will make you feel better.

"Thank you Daniel." she hugs you tightly for a moment then stands up. "Let's get started."

"What?" you ask, hesitating. "Now?"

"Yep." she says, pulling you by the hand to her bedroom. "Take your pants off and wait here."

"Why?" you ask, confused. "Where are you going?"

"I'm going to get Tanya." she says. "So she can diaper you."

"What?" you ask. "Tanya? But..."

"I'ts tricky changing myself so Tanya usually helps." she explains. "And you did agree to wear diapers like I do."

Sarah leaves you to get out of your shoes, socks and jeans. She soon returns with Tanya. "You've got to take your underpants off too." Tanya says. "Unless you want to ruin them when you use your diaper."

Until now you hadn't considered that you'd be using your diapers, although it makes sense. You did agree to wear them like Sarah and she uses her diapers. You reluctantly lower your underpants to the ground and step out of them, leaving you exposed in front of the two women. You blush and cover your privates with your hands.

"Lay down on my bed." Sarah prompts you as Tanya goes to the wardrobe and disposable diaper.

You do as you are told and Tanya slides it underneath your bare bottom.. The then pulls the front up firmly between your legs, hiding your privates but leaving you no less embarrassed. Finally she fastens the tapes and helps you up.

"Thanks Tanya." Sarah says.

"Um yeah. Thanks." you say. "I guess."

"No problem." Tanya says with a smile. "Let me know when you need a change." With that she leaves you and Sarah alone again.

You examine your reflection in Sarah's full-length mirror. You look rather childish, standing there dressing in nothing but t-shirt and diaper. Quickly reaching for your jeans, you pull them back on. They feel tight over the padding of your diaper.

"I guess you should go pick up some of your clothes." Sarah suggests. "Do you want me to come along?"

The End

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