Tell her that you're a little too embarrassedMature

"I'm sorry." you say. "It's just that. Um... I'm not really feeling very..." you search for the right word. "manly.. after being diapered."

"It's okay. I understand" she cuddles close to you. "You'll get used to it."

Get used to it? you repeat the words over and over in your head as you cuddle with Sarah. Just how often does she expect you to be diapered? You though it would be just a once off thing.

"This is nice." Sarah says. "You'll stay the night won't you Daniel?"

"Um" you assume that staying the night means staying diapered all night too. You can't really tell Sarah that you don't want to now. After all, she has to stay diapered all night every night. "Sure. I'll stay."

"Cool." she says, giving you a tight hug before climbing out of bed. "I've got to brush my teeth."  She takes your hand. "Come on. I think I can find a spare toothbrush for you."

You get out of bed but stop as you realise that she's leading you to the door. "Hold on." you say. "I can't go out there wearing only a diaper."

"Sure you can." she says, giving your hand another tug. "Tanya won't mind. She sees me in my diaper all of the time."

The argument settled, she leads out out into the hallway. You suddenly feel very exposed and you quickly dart into the relative safety of the bathroom. You can hear the TV on in the living room as you wait for Sarah to catch up. You hope that Tanya stays on the sofa until you get back to Sarah's room.

Sarah finds you a new toothbrush and you brush your teeth beside her, watching the reflection of the hallway the entire time.

As you rinse your mouth out you begin to feel the need to pee. "I'll meet you back in your room." you tell Sarah. "I've got to use the toilet."

"Just use your diaper." she says. "That's what it's for."

"But..." you start.

"Don't worry." she says. "I'll change you."

The End

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