Say that you'll wear a diaperMature

"No." you say. "I'll wear one."

"Really?" she asks.

"Sure. If it will make you more comfortable." you say. "It's not a big deal."

"Oh thank you Daniel." She hugs you. "Okay. Get undressed." She gets up from the bed and goes to her wardrobe.

You stand up and begin undressing. You've never been naked in front of Sarah before and are a little nervous especially. The fact that you'll soon be diapered doesn't help much either.

You've only managed to get out of your shirt and are working on your trousers as she returns, holding a neatly folded disposable diaper. As you continue to undress, she lays it out on the bed.

She watches as you finally lower your underpants, leaving yourself completely exposed.

"Okay." she says cheerfully. "Lay down on top of the diaper."

You do as you are told and she pulls the padding up between your legs. She holds it firmly in place against your stomach as she pulls the sides up and fastens the tapes.

Sarah helps you up from the bed and lets you look at yourself in her full-length mirror. You look rather childish, standing there dressing in nothing but a disposable diaper.

As you shift your weight around, feeling the padding between your legs and against your bottom, Sarah undresses. She takes off her dress and bra and returns to your side, now also wearing only a diaper. She wraps her arms around you and her breasts press against your own bare skin.

"Come one." she releases you and leads you back to the bed. You both climb in under the covers and she cuddles up next to you. After a few moments she asks. "Whats wrong? You don't want to make out any more?"

You'd completely forgotten about making out with the embarrassment of being diapered. You're not really aroused anymore.

The End

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