Make out with herMature

"No." you say, placing your hand on her knee. "I still feel the same about you." You lean in and begin to kiss her passionately.

Sarah responds positively so you slide your hand higher under her dress. You reach her crotch and feel the smooth plastic of the diaper. She gasps and pulls you close as you press your hand against the padding.

She gasps as you rub her but you soon realise that you've reached the limit of what you can do outside the diaper. You slide your hand up to the waistband and are about to slide it back down inside when Sarah says "Wait."

"What is it?" you ask, replacing your hand on the outside of the padding. "Do you want me to stop?"

"No." she says. "It's just... um"

"What?" you ask. "You can tell me."

"Could you wear a diaper too?" She asks.

"Huh?" you're surprised by the request. "Why?"

"I'm a little embarrassed about you touching my diaper." she explains. "I'd feel better if you were wearing one too."

"Um..." you aren't sure what to say. You want to keep going but can you really wear a diaper?

"I'm sorry. Forget I suggested it." she says. "It's okay. We can keep going."

The End

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