Say yesMature

"Are you sure?" you ask. "Um.. I mean don't you want to clean up or something?"

"It won't take long to get changed." she says. "You can wait in the living room."

"Okay." you say, following her inside.

Sarah leads you into the living room where you find Tanya watching TV. "Hi you two." she greets you. "How was the date?"

"It was nice." Sarah answers. "But... um... Could you help me with something."

"Oh." Tanya seems to instantly understand what this means. "Of course." She gets up and follows Sarah up the hallway. Turning to tell you. "We won't be long Daniel. Just make yourself at home."

They return a few minutes later. "Can I get you two anything?" Tanya asks.

"No." Sarah says. "We'll get out of your way." She takes your hand "Come on Daniel. Let's go to my room."

You follow Sarah up the hallway and into her bedroom where you sit next to her on her bed. A question has been on your mind since she and Tanya left you in the living room. You decide to just go ahead and ask it. "Why did you need Tanya's help to... um..."

"To change my diaper?" she says. "She usually does it for me. It's tricky doing it myself." she blushes a little. "Especially if my diaper is messy."

"And she doesn't mind?" you ask. "I mean doing that for you."

You think that you catch a brief amused smile before she answers. "Tanya has been doing it since we were in high school. She's never complained."

"She's a very good friend." you say.

"Yep." Sarah agrees.

"Can I see it." you ask another question playing on your mind "Your diaper I mean."

"Um..." she seems a little reluctant.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable" you say. "I was just curious."

"No." she says. "It's okay. I'll show you." She stands up and nervously begins to lift the skirt of her dress to reveal her diaper.

You don't know what you were expecting but you are surprised to see that it looks like a baby's diaper. It's all white and held in place with tapes at her hips.

"I guess that's why you've stopped me every time I tried to touch you down there." you says as she puts her dress back down and settles the skirt.

"Yeah." she nods but then looks sad. "I guess you aren't interested in that anymore."

The End

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