Say yesMature

You look at your watch.

“It’ll be tight, but yeah, we’ll make it. Let me just put my clothes back on.”

When you do, you notice the trousers are a bit tight when wearing diapers, and when you look in the mirror you see the contour of the diaper and you think everyone will see you’re wearing it, but realize it is too late to take it off, and besides, you did promise to wear one, and you’ve never backed out of promise before; so why start now?


You find it is difficult walking normally when wearing diapers, so you ask Sarah how she does it.

“Oh”, she says, “it’s no big deal. But then again; I don’t think I should be answering that question, seeing as I’ve had to wear them all my life. Just try to walk naturally, and you’ll soon get the hang of it.”


At the restaurant, you soon forget what you are wearing, and have a great time, eating and drinking. By the time you’ve reached desert, you notice you have to use the bath-room, but by then it is too late; you feel the bladder emptying itself into the diaper.

Sarah notices your discomfort, and asks what’s wrong. 

“I think I’ve peed in the diaper,” you whisper, ashamed.

“That makes two of us then,” Sarah cheerfully says. “We can ask Tanya to change them for us when we get home. Speaking of which; I do hope you stay the night?”

As you have shared bottle of wine and you feel bit drunk, even sitting down, you accept.

“I’m in no state to drive so; yes please; if it isn’t too much trouble?”

“Cause it isn’t!” Sarah replies. “We’ll just set up the spare-bed for you! I hope you still want to use diapers? In that case, I’ll ask Tanya to put us both in thick diapers, when we get home, and prepare us for bed!”

“Thick diapers?” you think. “Are there thicker ones than these?” But you say:” Cause I still want to use diapers! I promised; didn’t I?”

The End

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