Say that you're not ready to go out in a diaperMature

"Um." you say. "I'm not sure I'm ready to go out wearing a diaper."

"Nobody will know." Tanya reassures you. "You couldn't tell that Sarah wears diapers."

"It's alright. I understand." Sarah says. "We can just stay in and watch DVDs tonight. He'll wear a diaper out next time. Won't you Daniel?"

"Erm." you realise that Sarah expects that this will not be the last time you wear a diaper. "Yeah."

"Well there's my quiet night alone ruined." Tanya jokes.

Sarah sticks her tongue out at her. "So, should we order Chinese food?"

"Sounds good to me." you say.

"I'll get the menu." Tanya says, starting back toward the kitchen.

"Come on." Sarah says, taking your hand. "Let's go choose the first movie."

"I should put my pants back on first." you say.

"Don't worry about that." she says. "Nobody is going to see you and it will make it easier to change your diaper."

You are so stunned by the implication that you'll be using your diaper that you allow yourself to be led back out to the living room, wearing only your shirt and diaper.

After dinner, Tanya decides to give the two of you some privacy. "I'll be in my room if you need me." she informs you as she leaves.

Sarah starts another movie and snuggles up against you but before long you find that you need to pee.

The End

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