Wear a diaperMature

"Okay." you agree. "If you think it will make her feel better about this."

"I'll go tell Sarah what you're doing and get one of her diapers." Tanya says. "You can wait in my room. It's the one at the end of the hall."

You follow Tanya's directions and find her bedroom. It's much larger than Sarah's. This must be the master bedroom. You're not surprised that Tanya was the one to claim it. You sit on the bed and wait.

Finally Tanya comes in, holding a neatly-folded disposable diaper. "Take your pants off and lay down on the bed." she directs. "Then I'll get you diapered."

"Huh?" you ask. "You want to put it on me?"

"I help Sarah put her diapers on all of the time." she explains. "She says it's tricky to do it herself."

"But you'd have to see my...um... You'd see me naked."  you point out.  "Are you sure Sarah is okay with this?"

"She insisted." Tanya says. "Now hurry up."

You nervously untie your shoelaces and pull your shoes off. You then unfasten your belt and pants and step out of them.

"Underpants too." She says, as she begins unfolding the diaper. "Then lay down on the bed."

It's too late to back out now. You pull your underwear down and quickly move onto the bed. Covering your privates with your hands.

"Now lift you bottom." she directs as she slides the diaper underneath you.

As soon as you lower yourself onto the padding Tanya pulls the front up tight between your legs. She holds it firmly in place with one palm against your crotch as she pulls the sides up into place and fastens the tapes.

"All done." she declares, helping you up from the bed. "Let's go show Sarah."

Leaving your shoes, pants and underwear on the floor you follow her back to Sarah's room. You find her wearing the dress Tanya had pulled out from her wardrobe when you barged in earlier.

"You really did it?" She rushes over and hugs you. "You wore a diaper for me?"

"I really like you." you tell her. "And I'm really sorry that I walked in on you before."

"It's okay." she says. "So do you think we can still make it to our booking at the restaurant?"

The End

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