Take her homeMature

"I'd better take you home." you say.

"I'm okay." she insists. "Really." However, at that moment she winces and clutches her stomach tighter.

"Come on." you say, Standing up. "You're not sitting through the movie like this."

You lead her out of the Cinema and back to your car. On the way to her place you spot a pharmacy and pull in.

"Wait here." you tell her. "I'm going to see if they have anything to help with your stomach."

You return with some indigestion tablets and a bottle of water. "Here" you hand her the purchases. "Take a couple of these."

"Thanks" she says before swallowing two of the tablets.

By the time you walk Sarah up to her door she seems to be feeling much more comfortable. "I hope you're feeling better." you tell her as she unlocks the door.

"I am." she says. "I'm sorry I ruined our date."

You are about to reassure her that she didn't ruin anything when Tanya appears at the front door. "You're back very early." she says. "Is everything okay?"

"Yes." Sarah says. "I had an upset tummy but Daniel got me some tablets and I'm feeling better now."

"Thanks for taking care of her." Tanya says. "Would you like to come in for coffee or something?"

The End

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