Leave the houseMature

You're pretty sure that Sarah doesn't want to see you again tonight and you don't know what you'd say to her anyway. More than that, you're afraid to face Tanya. Despite the fact that they are they are the same age Tanya is very protective of Sarah.

The only option that makes sense is leaving. You head out to your car and drive home, wondering if Sarah will ever speak to you again. You also wonder about what you saw. Why was she wearing a diaper?

The following morning, you feel worse. Not only because you walked in on her but now also because you ran away like a coward. You reach for your phone. You're still afraid to talk to Sarah so you send a text message. "Sarah. I'm really sorry about last night. I thought you'd be dressed but I still shouldn't have let myself into your room like that."

The wait for a reply is agonising. You find yourself checking your phone every five minutes throughout the day. It's growing dark again when it finally beeps. You're afraid to check it. What if it isn't Sarah? What if it is? What if she's breaking up with you?

You finally check the message. It simply says "We should talk. Come over."

It's not as bad as you feared. Although she could still be breaking up with you. Maybe she just wants to do it in person. As you drive there, you try to convince yourself that she wouldn't invite you over to break up. You don't have much success.

"Hello Daniel." Tanya answers the door. "I'll let Sarah know you're here. Wait in the living room." The starts up the hallway but turns to add "Try to stay there this time."

This time it's not long before Sarah comes out to join you. "Hi Daniel." She sits next to you on the sofa, that's got to be a good sign.

"I'm really sorry." you start to say. "I promise it won't happen again."

"It doesn't matter now." she says. "You already saw my..."

"Your diaper?" you ask.

"Yeah." she says. "I was really embarrassed."

"Why were you wearing a diaper?" you ask the question that's been on your mind since last night.

"I always wear them." she says. "I was going to tell you. When I was ready."

"I'm really sorry for walking in." you repeat. "Can I do anything to make it up to you?"

"There is something." she says. "I want you to move in here for a month."

That's not what you expected. "Move in?" you ask.

"And wear diapers like me." she says. "So you can understand what it's like."

The End

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