Go see what's taking so longMature

You grow curious as to why Tanya hasn't returned. Your mind drifts back to the image of Sarah getting out of the bathtub only this time Tanya is there too, also naked. They begin to...

You shake your head, no, that's not likely. However, just in case you're missing out on two naked women making you, you get up and head down the corridor. You hear Tanya's voice coming from Sarah's room.

Still optimistic about this ending in a threesome, you let yourself in. You just stop and stare at what you find.

Sarah has her back to you as she compares two outfits laid out on her bed. She is naked except for he panties... but they aren't ordinary panties. They appear to be made of a shiny plastic and you can see the shape of padding against her bottom that runs between her legs. A moment later you realise that she's wearing a diaper.

"What about this one?" Tanya steps out of Sarah's wardrobe, holding a blue dress. Then she notices you. "Daniel? What are you doing in here?"

Sarah turns to look at you ans gasps. She tries to hide her diaper with her hands but has little success.

"I...um." you don't know what to say in a situation like this. "I'm sorry." Before anything else can be said you retreat.

The End

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