Wait patientlyMature

Girls take ages to get ready. It's just a fact of life so you sit there patiently.

Another ten minutes later Sarah emerges. She is wearing a light blue dress and her hair is tied up with a matching ribbon. "Hi Daniel." she greets you with a smile. "I'm sorry I wasn't ready."

"That's okay." you say. "You're worth the wait."

She gives you a cute smile and blushes. "We should get going."

"Good idea." you agree, looking at your watch. You're already late for your booking at the restaurant.

"Tanya." Sarah calls out to her housemate. "We're going."

"Okay." Tanya says, returning to the living room. "You two have fun tonight." She pulls Sarah into a tight hug. "Don't stay out too late and call me if anything happens." She finishes the hug with a kiss on Sarah's forehead.

"Okay." Sarah replies and returns the kiss, this time on Tanya's cheek. "Bye."

Over the past few months you've grown to accept Sarah's strange relationship with Tanya. They are the same age, in fact they went to school together, however Tanya is very protective of her. However, Sarah doesn't appear to mind, actually she seems to enjoy the attention.

Your date gets off to an excellent start. The first stop is dinner at a small Italian restaurant. Sarah seems to enjoy both the food and your company.

After the meal you take Sarah to see a romantic movie. However, as you are taking your seats you notice that she is holding her stomach and has look of discomfort on her face.

"Are you alright?" you ask her, concerned.

"Yeah." she says. "Dinner just doesn't seem to be agreeing with me."

The End

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