The DateMature

You discover that your girlfriend wears diapers but the real secret is why.

You arrive at Sarah's house just before 7 and ring the doorbell. You've been dating for a few months now. You're hoping that tonight's date might move things to the next level. 

You wouldn't admit it to your friends but you haven't slept with her yet. You haven't even seen her naked.

It's not that she's frigid. You make out all of the time and she has no problem with you playing with her breasts. Its just that every time you move you hands down to her pants she stops you.

"Hi Daniel. Come in." Sarah's housemate, Tanya, greets you at the door. "Sarah's just in her room getting ready."

"Okay" you say, stepping inside. "Thanks."

"I'll go tell her you're here." Tanya says. "Can I get you anything?"

"No thanks." You say, taking a seat on the sofa.

"Okay." Tanya says, leaving you alone in the living room. "I'm sure she won't be long."

You hear some splashing sounds and then water draining. You guess Sarah must have been taking a bath. You imagine her, standing up from the tub, water beading down her naked body. You'd really like to be in that room.

15 minutes pass and neither Sarah nor Tanya join you in the living room.

The End

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