Sarah's Phoenix: Wading Downstream (Part 2)

Jason led them downsteam through the fog. They had been walking for so long that Sarah’s feet were now numb from the cold water. Jason looked back and motioned her to join him at the front. ‘We need to know everything you saw in General Wholawzski’s camp,’ he told her quietly as she feel instep between him and Mathew.

‘Like what?’ she asked. ‘I didn’t exactly get friendly with anyone or go snooping about.’

Mathew snorted, but all Jason said, ‘Understandable, but you should have an idea of how many men, and if there were any large scale weapons.’

Sarah thought for a moment. ‘Well the crowd at breakfast and dinner was always bigger than lunch. I didn’t count, but by the bowl stacks, I’d say between 30 and 40 men.’ Sarah took a moment to think back on the camp itself. ‘I didn’t see any big weapons, but I don’t know if I’d recognize them. There was a tent no one went into or out of. It could have just been part of the general’s tent. But,’ Sarah shrugged, ‘he’d probably be willing to tell you everything.’ She indicated the Prince with a slight nod.

Mathew snorted yet again. ‘Trust the Prince of Azer to tell the truth?’

‘She may be right,’ Jason said. ‘He did follow Sarah out of the camp willingly, and expressed interest in rescuing the Princess.’

‘Not our task.’

‘True,’ Jason replied, but he was obviously thinking. They walked on in silence and Sarah wondered if she should go back to the Prince. Then Jason spoke again. ‘Was that 30 or 40 men during breakfast, lunch, or dinner?’

‘Breakfast and dinner,’ Sarah replied.

‘And how many at lunch time?’

Sarah thought, ‘closer to 20, plus the General and the Prince.’

‘So,’ Jason looked past her to Mathew, ‘they probably had scouting parties going out.’

‘Aye,’ Mathew answered. Then he looked at Sarah. ‘How did you get the Prince to follow you out?’

Sarah shrugged. ‘Treated him like a decent human being?’ Mathew eyed her, but Jason smiled and chuckled slightly.

‘At Breakfast and Dinner,’ Jason said, ‘was it the same people added in or different.’

‘Different,’ Sarah said immediately.

Jason shook his head. ‘Is there anything else you can think of?’

‘Aside from the fact that I wish the drug had done more than make them hallucinate?’ She shuddered.

Jason smiled. ‘You did well. Go back into the center, for your protection.’

Sarah nodded and dropped back to where the Prince was. ‘What did he have to say?’ The Prince asked her, quietly curious.

Sarah shrugged. ‘Just a debriefing on the mission.’

‘How long do you think we will be traveling?’

Sarah looked at the Prince. ‘I have no idea,’ she said looking forward to Jason’s back. ‘I have no idea.’

The End

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