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He sighed and looked down at his hands, resting between his legs. “I wouldn’t say that just yet. I want to get out of here, but what if I do get out and then my memories come back. For me to be recruited, I must have been pretty bad. And waking up in a burned building…you just don’t know me. Keep that in mind.”

“Look. This whole place is a creep-fest.  It’s the same as before when I thought you were a weird child demon who might lay eggs in my brain, I still have to trust you. There’s no one else.”

Could I have your attention please? It has been reported that at six-thirty this evening there was a breach in sector seven. One human woman was seen running down South Las Vegas Boulevard resulting in a broken seal at the Cosmopolitan hotel. If you see this woman, please alert the nearest administrator immediately. Failure to notify your administrator could result in further descent into the system.

Although the TV volume was low, both Sarah and Ash heard the announcement because like a commercial, it was obnoxiously louder than regular programming. Sarah was in shock and could only say, “Oh God.”

“We’ve got to get out of here.” He stood and grabbed her hand, pulling her towards the door.

“But where are we going? We don’t even have a plan.”

“Yeah, we do.” He moved quickly, they were already at the elevator. Just a small town girl, livin’ in a lonely world. She took the midnight train goin’ anywhere.

Journey… now the elevator plays Journey. Great. “So what’s the plan? Where are we going?” Around them, the elevator LCD screens changed from blooming lilies to thick, dark miasma droplets that seemed like raining tar dripping down the sides of the elevator.  The sick drizzle did not fit the upbeat sound of Don’t stop believin’ that danced out of the speakers.

“You’re human so you can’t cross over. I’m on indefinite probation, so I can’t cross over. But we can be taken there and I know just the person to do it.” When the elevator dinged, he held her back and glanced out of the elevator before pulling her along after him.

“After that announcement, who would be stupid enough to help us?”

“I know someone who owes me a favor. And if they still don’t want to help, he’s just enough of a piss ant to cave but he values his own skin so won’t tell on us.” Right as they were about to walk back through the shattered front, he pulled her into a small store called Vitals and grabbed a lighter off the counter.

“Unfortunately, to get there we’re going to have to go down, way down into Brimstone’s corporate building.” 

Sarah stopped abruptly, jerking her hand out of his grasp. “Are you crazy?”

He stopped as well and turned with a grim look on his face. “Look, this is exactly like going to your hotel. The headquarters is the last place they would think to look. They don’t know yet that you have help. You’re supposed to be an unsuspecting little human that is running from scary make-believe stuff. We’ll take the stairs. No one takes the stairs. It’s a shit ton of stairs. Being dead doesn’t make you any fonder of exercise. The guy’s office happens to be right next to the staircase. All you’ll have to do is hide long enough for me to pull him out and into the stairwell. Ten seconds, tops.”

“It really sounds like a dumb idea. In scary movies, the people always make two mistakes. They take a route with only one exit and they split up. You’re asking me to do both.”

He cursed and stared up at the ceiling a moment. “I’m not very up on the latest movies, but can you name a single scary movie where anyone actually lives at the end?”

“No… are you trying to make me feel better or worse?” Cause either way he was failing, she thought.
            “Neither. I’m just saying that maybe this isn’t a scary movie. Maybe this is a political thriller or a fucking musical. Just keep the singing to yourself. Do you want to get out of here or just hang out until they find you?”
            “When you put it like that…Lets go.”

The End

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