Abhi's father has come to recieve him at the Airport. Abhi demands to be taken  directly to Morgue where Pratap's Body is kept. His dad tells him that its not a good idea and the investigation has been taken over by Miss Shalini and she has her own team who are investigating the matter and local police officials are not allowed. Abhi ask his father whether he knew about Pratap's posting in city. He silently nods and tell him that Pratap himself asked him not to reveal anything to Abhi. his father tells him about pratap's decision to open the serial murder case closed 20 years ago. Abhi angered by his father's actions accuse him for Pratap's untimely demise.

Abhi's father tries to console him and tells him to go back to IIT and let him and other police officer to investigate the matter. Abhi tells him he cannot do because Shalini has asked for his presence in township.Suddenly Abhi's mobile starts ringing, it's the police officer in charge of this case Shalini Dikshit. She ask Abhi to come to her office, she has some questions for him. Abhi tells his father about this and says that he is going to stay until his friend's murderer is caught. As soon as he arrives in police station, Shalini call him to evidence room. Shalini switch on monitor of a desktop. Abhi notices an unsent draft mail with Abhi's email address in the recipient. In mail there's a line written in bold letters " everything was a setup. I am sorry for what I am going to do next my dear friend ".

Shalini ask Abhi what did he knew about Pratap and whether Pratap contacted him in recent years. Abhi unable to comprehend the lines in email, starts crying and goes outside. Shalini ask the computer expert to complete retrieving the data and send her data drive before 10 pm.

She asks Abhi to come with her for a cup of coffee at her house. Abhi tries to come up with some excuse but Shalini tells him that she has her flat just 20 at half an hour walking distance his house, so he does not need to worry, She will drop him later. In fact it was his father who arranged for her stay. When Abhi enters her house he could see shalini's picture with her father , a familiar face abhi couldnot remember . Abhi sits down on sofa. Abhi is still unable to comprehend the meaning of Pratap's email.

The End

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