Chapter 1Mature

Abhi, a mathematics PhD student in IIT just learns that his childhood friend police officer Pratap has committed suicide. He gets this news from Miss Shalini, who got transferred the same day Pratap was murdered. Shalini ask Abhi why Pratap reopened a serial killings case, knowing that killer was convicted and hanged 16 years ago.But she doesnot know Pratap has never contacted Abhi in last 12 years. Something sinister is going on in this small township for last 20 years.

15 years ago, Abhi and Pratap used to study together at Ramakrishna mission. During Summer holidays they would come back to their native place and spend time with their families. Pratap had a younger sister and mother who had her own tailoring shop. Pratap used to deliver the cloths made by his mother. His favorite client was Mr. Gopal every time he used to go there Gopal uncle would give him bagful of chocolates. His mother did not like such kind of favors. Pratap was playing cricket with Abhi near Abhi's home. Abhi's mother tells Pratap that his mother just called to send back Pratap, he has some clothes to deliver and she gave the address to Pratap. Abhi knew the address it was for Mr. Gopal. Abhi asked his mother whether he could accompany Pratap to Mr. Gopal's house. Pratap and Abhi finished their game and then headed back to Pratap's home only to find that his mother has left for Mr. Gopal's house. They ran as fast as they can so that they donor miss the opportunity to get their treats. Before they could enter the house, the sound of the recoil sound of magnum revolver for two time and a scream of a woman. They get scared. they go back of the house trembling and waiting. Abhi stands on his friends shoulders so that he could peek through the window. what he saw next he could not believe. Mr. Gopal with Knife and a revolver in his hands was sitting beside bloodied body of Pratap's mother. Suddenly Mr. Gopal gets up and goes to another room. Abhi does not utter a word of what he saw to pratap. Abhi Tells Pratap to sit there and Abhi run back to inform his Inspector father, Mr.  Ahish Roy about the murder.

In the meantime, Pratap could hear murmur from house. Suddenly he saw a man coming outside and running towards nearby railway station. trembling with fear Pratap goes into house sees his mother's lifeless body. Abhi arrived with his father in a police van. Abhi asked sobbing Pratap asked about the murderer. He told him what he saw and Abhi's father sent his subordinates to get hold of the murderer and called railway police force to apprehend Gopalji. Sobbing Pratap went back to his home. As soon as Pratap reached home he saw blood drenched handprints on the door. Pratap ran into house and could not find his sister. He finds a letter left on his bed. The letter had just two sentences " I am watching over your sister but her security depends on your silence" . Meanwhile Gopalji is arrested and tried for all the serial murders and without any objection he accepted the judgment . Meanwhile Pratap would receive unknown letters of his sister's wellbeing. Abhi's father tried to pursue the source of letters. but all efforts would be in vain. After a year the letters stopped coming and soon after that Gopalji is hanged. Abhi and his family tried to encourage Pratap to continue his study. He comes back to school. But his behavior has changed, he would constantly get into fights with others. Somehow they cleared the exams. Pratap enrolls for a bachelors in arts in a different state. Abhi enrolls for Bachelors in mathematics at a college in Delhi. Abhi tried to contact Pratap but could not. It's been 12 years since he last talked with his friend

The End

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