Sapphire Sword: Part Four

Bran looked over the waving treetops. He was supposed to be meeting someone here. Where were they? Bran knew that Esmeralda would sleep for awhile yet, she had been exhausted last night after journeying through the upper and lower city and out into the Iltrack Forest. Bran looked down through the branches at the fey he loved. She was still asleep, curled up underneath a grey blanket, laying on a platform that King Tibem used during wars and raids. Bran smiled and looked back up. Where were they? Finally, Bran spotted a disturbance in the forest below.

“There you are,” he said as he shaded his eyes in the rising sun. Yes, that was definitely them. Bran leapt down from branch to branch, like a nimble squirrel, and landed on his feet at the base of the tree. Bran landed right in front of the black stallion. The stallion was battle trained, and didn’t shy when Bran appeared from the foliage above. Bran walked around the horse, rubbing its soft nose.

Bran turned to the person on the horse. “Sorrel. It is good to see you again.”

Sorrell pulled her hood back. “As it is to see you, Bran.”

Bran patted the horse’s neck. “How are our parents?”

Sorrel shrugged. “As well as they were last time, Bran. Worried, but fine.”

Bran nodded. “Sister…”

Sorrel dismounted with a leap and landed next to her brother. “Brother, you know perfectly well that I side with you. You know that. And when this thing turns into a bloody war, which it will, then I will be right by your side, fighting with you.”

Bran smiled and hugged his sister. “And for that I know no one can defeat me.”

Sorrel smiled. She was known among the Mythicals as a powerful enchantress and a fearsome warrior. None except Bran had ever been as good as she.

Bran looked at Sorrel. “Would you like to travel with Esmeralda and me?”
                Sorrel shook her head. “I cannot. Miltrae and I are bound for Grycharon.”

Bran looked confused. “Miltrae?”

“My shadow servant.”

Bran nodded. “Until we meet again, Sister.”

Sorrel climbed back on her horse. “Until then, Brother.” Sorrel leaned forwards and whispered in her horse’s ear. The horse cantered away, taking Sorrel with him. Bran watched his sister longingly. If only he had her job instead of his.

The End

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