Santa Baby

I've had this idea for a story for a long time, I've just never gotten around to writing it because I already hate my protagonist. Anyways this is just one small blip from the whole thing. Maybe, eventually, I'll turn it into something big, but until then this is all you get :P


Our eyes met for at least the tenth time that hour alone. He winked and I quickly looked down at my plate of untouched linguini. Filling the space of the small patio in a foreign Italian restaurant, jovial Italian Christmas carols boomed loudly as our staff party of thirty laughed, danced, drank, and chattered.

Except for us.

 All night my mind and eyes wandered over to his seat, three tables away. Apparently the same thing was affecting him too. A few minutes later, my eyes wandered back to his spot at the table and saw it was vacant. Quickly, I scanned the rest of the restaurant to see a tall figure descending down the hall towards the washrooms. Taking one last look behind him as he left, for a fraction of a second our eyes locked and he winked.

                “I’ve got to use the loo,” I muttered to nobody in particular. Quickly, I got up from my seat at the overcrowded table and scurried down the long corridor, smoothing out my little black dress as I went.

My heels clicked franticly on the tile floor and I could hear the desperation grow with every loud click and clack, as I tried to catch up. I lost sight for a moment as he turned a corner so I quickened my pace. Moments later, I rounded the corner; crashing straight into his chest.

“Hey,” he breathed, catching me effortlessly by the waist so I wouldn’t fall. Cocking his head sideways he grinned down on me. My breathing hitched as our eyes met. I always thought brown eyes were dull and plain, until I met him, then they became my favorite. They would consume me and always leave me with a slight craving of chocolate.

“Hi,” I whispered breathlessly. I could almost feel my pupils dilate.

“Good party, eh?” I asked as casually as I could. Seriously? That’s all you’ve got? Get your game together, you idiot! My inner goddess scolded. Robb lifted his eyebrows and I knew I wasn’t tricking anybody. Hell, he could probably hear my heartbeat ramming itself at my ribcage.

He nodded. “You look beautiful,” he added simply. Never in a million years did I ever think that a simple superficial phrase like that could make my stomach flip inside out. It was the accent. It had to be the accent. I concluded.  

“You’re taken,” I blurted, pointing out the obvious, trying to convince my inner goddess and him that this wasn’t right.

“Then why did you follow me?” I could feel my cheeks heat up which only made his eyebrows travel further up his forehead and extend his cheeky grin wider till it looked like it was going to split his face in two. I couldn’t meet his eyes and instead decided to stare at the cold grey tile floor, humiliated.  Following him was a giant mistake, I realized.

“Катя,” he whispered my name loosely in Russian, “look at me,” he begged. I didn’t respond so he gently, he took his thumb and lifted my chin up.

Brown eyes met blue and all of time seemed to stop right then and there. His grin slowly faded as he focused on my face. How was I supposed to resist him when everything that I had wanted all year was less than an inch away? His warm breath tickled my lips and I could almost taste the smell of the Jack Daniels he drank earlier. Moving his head even closer he spoke in a sultry whisper, “I won’t tell, if you won’t tell.” Breaking the eye contact and biting my lip, I looked down at his hand which was still on my waist, and back at him.

“We can’t,” I tried lamely.  

“Катя,” he repeated. The way my name rolled off his tongue so smoothly and effortlessly like it was only meant for his lips was all it took.

Before I had a chance to think, I pulled his head down to meet my mouth in starved frenzy. Eagerly, he responded, pulling me forwards, away from the party and closer to him. Hidden in the shadows, like two thieves in the night, he buried his free hand in my hair and pulled at the roots. I wrapped my arms tightly around the collar of his shirt and tugged.  

We kissed until our mouths were raw and our lungs begged for air, but even then we didn’t stop because the only thing that mattered was now, instant gratification- we’d worry about the consequences later.

“We’d better head back,” I said between catching breaths.

“You first, I’ll follow later,” he sighed into my mouth.

I turned to leave, but he pulled me back for one last kiss.

“I love you,” he said it so quietly that I could have mistaken it for a breath.

I smiled against his mouth before finally turning around and walking away, feeling his gaze on me as I made my way back to the party.

Thankfully, nobody seemed to notice my absence- even Rachel who was still so engrossed in conversation with one of the waitresses, I doubt she even noticed the seat next to her was empty that entire time.


The End

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