Sans Merci

Inspired by Keats' La Belle Dame Sans Merci & The Egde of Love (Film on Dylan Thomas)

It was on a cold December night that my elfin-like love came to me. Through the concealing mists he strode, like a native in his hometown. The moon glowed on the outline of his face, as if we were just a drawing on a chalkboard. He told me how he had come to me, and what madness drove him here, powering every single step. He called it love.

He took my hand with a mischiveous grin and claimed me for his own, down on the beach. I couldn't go back; he had stolen me. We lay under the deep dark sky as he wrote my destiny in the stars, then sang me sweet enchanting lullabies. I made my nest in his comforting arms as they wrapped around me with all the love and tenderness a man had ever shown me. I began my hibernation.

That is why I live alone now, in a cottage by that beach. "Every day I'll be in your thoughts" he said, "even when you pray for a new life." I watch the cold unsettling mists as they glide across the bay, hoping for a shadow. "How would you like it if time stood still?" he asked me. I said I'd like it very much. So it is.

The End

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