The Rise of an EmpireMature

   Among all the chaos in Sanguis City there is one gang that reigns supreme. A criminal empire known as The Morello Crime Family. The members of  The Morello's are tyrants, led by none other than the Don Salvatore Morello. Sal and his gang of Italian mobsters have ran the city for well over forty years.

   Though there was a time when they weren't in charge. Before them there was a gang known as The Akira Tribe. This crew of Japanese gangsters controlled everything from the heroin drug trade to a very profitable prostitution ring.

   Salvatore hated this gang only because they were on top. The Don wanted to be on top,and would do anything just to get there. Salvatore Morello organized a revolution against these Japanese gangsters. He brought all the gangs in the city together, and went after The Akira Tribe. It was a bloody battle, just one thing was missing. The Morello Gang wasn't there. After all the bloodshed The Akira Tribe was no more, and all the other gangs had many casualties.

   With The Morello Gang  fully intact they would be able to rise against the gangs of Sanguis City, and so they did.

The End

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