Life... What a joke!

Life just loves to bite you in the butt!Here I am sitting in this stinking car with four stinking men including me!

LIfe has that funny way of working, when you want rain you get clear skies overhead and when you want clear skies you get a Storm! Well Life here I am, and there you are giving me blockade after blockade. As a once famous person said 'Oh whoa is me!' And today you decide to try and kill me Life, why do this to me! When I get back to civilization I swear I will kick my bosses butt for making me go into the middle of nowhere on this (excuse language) God acursed hunt for something that dosen't even exsit, let alone in this massive sand box, why I wouldn't be surprised if Life sent a giant cat to do it 'Buisness' on me, okay maybe I would be surprised but I mean Life can't do anything eles to me now! Oh boy, how wrong I was, Life had alot in store for me, things that will scar my very being.

Life... What a Joke!

The End

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