Nothing.... Again

One does get bored of sand dunes after seeing them endlessly for a day. The sun beat down ontop of the jeep, magnified through it's glass onto the people inside.
The Jeep went over yet another (You getting the feeling that I don't like these?) sand dune.
Landing with a thud, causing the wheels to skid on the endless amount of sand. Sand which gets everywhere, never mind about the dunes out there, I was thinking of the mini dunes in my shoe.

Deserts are one of the most extreme living conditions to, well, live in. Dangerous with, god knows how many traps just waiting for that one foolish step, playing tricks on the mind. I looked out the window, and saw weird waves in the distance, not so much water waves as air waves.
With a sigh I leaned back into the chair I was sitting in, seething with how stupid I was for agreeing to this.

It was impossible to sleep in the jeep, with all the 'flying leaps', as well as the crappy air conditioning, if you can call it that (it seemed to do more harm then good), with windows that only went an inch down to allow in the limited amount of breathing air that circulated throughout the jeep. Ugh and the Smell!!! Four sweaty men including me.

The driver began to smoke yet anothe cigarette, causing the intensly, unimaginable heat, become unbearable. My shirt was sticking to my back, a pool of sweat soaking it.

Sighing again I looked out the window at the endless sand and the laborus sun, and began to wish that I was back home, with civilization.

But no, instead I am following this endless source which would most likely lead no nothing. Nuda!

Yet Again....

The End

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