Sand Dunes(A Naruto FanFiction)

My Story So Far


Ever since I was a little girl. I'd dream of becoming a Sand Ninja, it was a little fantasy of mine. My friends and I would 'play ninja' and make shurikens and kunai's from wet sand or paper. All the adults found it 'cute' or 'funny'.

They didn't know all the true effort we put into fighting eachother with toys.

A few years later, I announced to my parents that I wished to enter the Sunagakure ninja school. They just told me they'd think about it. But I was determined to get them to allow me to become a Academy Student.

After a few weeks they told me I could go to the Academy! I was so happy that I told all my friends, and much to my dismay, NONE of them were allowed to enter the school . . .

So I had to enter all alone. With no friends so laugh and play and work with. All I could do was study.

Two years later , I, Chouki Yamakto was top of the class and preparing to transfer to the Hidden Leaf Village. And there, I would stay with the Nara family.

While I was with the Nara's, I graduated from the Leaf Ninja Academy. All the other Academy students shunned me for being so smart. But I was glad I had become a Genin. There were people of my skill level, I could compare jutsu's, ect.

Also, the son of the Nara family, Shikamaru, taught me a special, secret ninja art: the Shadow Bind. When I mixed this with my powerful Sand Ninjutsu's, I was able to create my own personalised jutsu's.

It was one and a half years before I returned to Sunagakure.

There were so many changes in the life style. But the one biggest change, was that our Kazekage was Gaara.

The End

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