Sand and EscalatorsMature

My friend Grace gave me these two words to go off of, and it sparked this little bit.

Sand poured out from the escalator as I climbed steadily. I was climbing with such anxiety.  The room was filling up. 

where in the hell am I??

The oxygen was leaving the shrinking space quickly, and I adjusted my pace accordingly.  Sand was pouring uncontrollably through the cieling behind me.  There were muffled screams, children crying, mothers weeping, all kinds of mayhem. 

I was nearly at the top of the escalator now.  Just... a few more... steps...

My head met the ground with an unfriendly thud.


I tripped, and my shoelace was caught helplessly between the steps of the unpowered escalator.  I just had to wear my extra-long-lace converses today, didn't I?

Frantically, I began untying the shoe.  Damn... laces... too tight...

I heard a large, unfriendly noise crack through the room I'd just ascended from.  More sand.

I gave up the untying business and ripped the shoe clean off my foot.

That's going to hurt like hell tomorrow...

I ran. Hard.  Like a child trying to escape the filthy grasp of a corrupt pedophile.  I heard more screams and ran faster.  The whole damned place was going to collapse soon.  If I could just get back to the manhole...

I rounded a sharp corner, and saw sunlight up ahead.  The ladder leading up to the manhole was just in sight.

I'm going to make it!  Holy shit!

I heard someone up top yelling.

"Where the hell is Mike?!  He needs to get his white-ass out of there!!"

I tried to yell back, but was stopped by a sudden weight that came down upon me.  The cieling collapsed above me, and I felt little grains of sand pelting me and burying my alive.  I convulsed in a fruitless attempt to escape the growing pile of sand, but the monster had me good.


My comrade's voice faded as sand filled my ears, nose and mouth.  I was done for.  No good trying to deny it.  The beast had finally gotten me.  After all these fucking years. 

Karma's a bitch, but this thing was a God damned whore.

The End

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