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                        BY: Jonas Joseph

There stood calmly a tall, leafy and enormous peach tree with lots of branches in middle of our garden. It was alone tree, generous and yield plenty fruit every year. A crest was in its top and the chanting of birds was coming all summer. We used to clamber up and gambolling under shadow in sweltering season.

Something weird occurred one summer. That year in spring it blossomed and had much leaves but, while spring was passing, near summer it began dropping its leaves as in mid-summer it almost looked without leaves. Tree was young, there was another plight.

We strove to ferret out a solution soon as possible. Irrevocably we decided to go to Prof. Brown for succour. He was botanist, teacher at high school and most eminent in his field. He was virtuous and gracious person and only one could guide us. My fellow knew his home address. We went to his home and he timed Sunday. Still two days were behind Sunday.

He came Sunday as he vowed, pruned some branches and some from stem and laid them under magnifier and his own hideous, colossal glasses with eyes of elderly man peered heedfully. After much investigation, he counselled us to bring sand. An enigmatic sand and he manifested, gave the location as well.

Sand that was too far in distance, one must cross the nature event, mountains, desert and valley too. An utterly bizarre sand, yellowish-green colour, glossy with massive grain, not facile to find in surface, you had to dig the earth; an odd earth surface too.

There were two ways. First one rigorous, precarious and risky one but, with short distance and the next one was easier, not much perilous and with far distance. Prof. Brown mentioned; we had to bring that in three days after, otherwise no chance of revival.

We were determined to go; me and my foolish friend. Uncle Jim, spending lots of hours in garden, coveted to aid us. He was a scrupulous but rather bumpkin. He was always wearing an obsolete hat with very curious attire. Luckily he knew the destination and the route as well.

As our age was, we couldn’t even scale in mid of arduous one so, we had to proceed by easy way. We took some diet and pickaxe, trowel and sack to carry sand. We pledged the next day before sunrise we would leave. It would be a rapturous trek as I had reckoned.

Before dawn, when the porous, black curtain of sky newly altered with pallid one, we were ready. Till First Mountain, we went by car then started shinning up. It was easy but strenuous. In mid mountain we rested and I glimpsed around. The consecutive pyramids ravaged by time incident seemed more like a tower to see the nature city. In top, glanced, there was valley, climbed down then.

Half and three hours elapsed when we crossed. An astounding village with stream flew there. Some trees stood aside, the stream was fringed with reeds and had clean and pure water. I lay down a little on humid grass and drank from that luscious water I had ever drunk. Nice meadow for free creature.

Another mountain, not much loftier as prior but, was high. My giddy friend started singing raucously. A giant hawk was flying high in sky and mass of cloud concealing west. Sky was bright, sunny and not moist. After two hours struggling, we arrived at the bottom.

Desert was the next plain surface of nature which alike, lucid hands of nature create. Till far as could eyes gripped was sand and stone and parched shrub scattered far from others. I questioned Uncle Jim spontaneously,” are we there uncle?”

He remarked wearily,” no, that is too far.”

We were plodding across the desert, endless nature plain. After one hour tramping, we preferred to have lunch. I desired to have a doze, but Uncle Jim murmured reluctantly,” we might be late.”

“I can’t walk more.” I implored drowsily.

Uncle Jim concurred and we slumbered for an hour then started walking again. After much trekking, may be three or more hours we ultimately crossed the desert. I damned,” damn, it is again mount.”

He uttered gaily,” we are almost there, that is behind this mount.”

It was indeed a soaring mountain but very facile to scale through like a path.

Near summit my dense friend shrieked abruptly. I startled and slipped, Uncle John grasped my hand quickly and reproached him wrathfully,” it’s not the time of joking.”

When we set foot on summit, the sun was near down and a calm zephyr was blowing. Till far silence, no trace from living creature and lay only natural matter, A glamorous scene of sunset which the rays glimmering palely in the hope of tomorrow.

I was sunk in this divine glamour of nature, when Uncle Jim jolting my shoulder, pronouncing,” let’s go. We must make a tent before dark.”

We swiftly climbed down and made a tent, not very stiff just for one night. We slept on that warm sand, no pillow or duvet. The sound of mammals riled ears came from faraway and the natural scare of loneliness couldn’t let me sleep late in night. Uncle Jim was there, only hope.

Next day when the gleaming atmosphere of morn informing the rising of sun, we began digging the ground. We had only a pickaxe and poor Uncle Jim slogged laboriously. When he got very exhausted, we were digging for some moment. Suddenly rain started drizzling and luckily halted soon.

It was about nine o’clock, when we could procure the sand. We filled the sack and Uncle Jim carried that bulky weight. Uncle Jim was plump, enough sturdy but it was not short distance. More, the mountain might become slippery after rain. When Uncle Jim became weary, we carried it.

Same route again and fatigue refrained my friend from fatuous acting and he was striding tranquilly. We had to arrive soon there and dig there as well, about one metre and spill the sand.

We crossed mountain, desert then mountain. When we landed at Second Mountain’s summit, the round and sparkling face of sun was concealed behind circulating global and the glinting light escaped tiptoe on atmosphere far. The weather got cool and the faint lustre allowed foot only grazed the valley.

High in horizon stars winking and the nature stood silent. It was an alluring valley, indeed verdant but muggy. Uncle Jim prudently said,” it is wet here, we are better to spread our tent and lie on, May the rain doesn’t fall this night.”

The chorus of reeds and the melody of frogs was quivering eardrum till I was awake.

Following day, when the dawn appeared in horizon and the glittering light of morn chasing silently the gloom of night, we started climbing.

We were really drained that legs could scarcely maintain on stones.

The sun was buried behind scattered clouds shelter all rising rays when we crossed the mountain. We rapidly took a taxi and hastened to our house.

The garden was in backyard. The gentle, generous tree stood quietly and bare there. The crest was demolished and only sound of gloom appearing in garden.

Uncle Jim was too exhausted, craved to finish soon. He grasped the pickaxe and wanted to dig the earth, promptly my silly friend uttered sagely,” Uncle, the tree will fell if you dig like that.”

“You are clever.” Uncle Jim extolled.

He nodded his head with jolly smile in his face.

We hitched the tree to four sides then laboured for three hours, striving hard to do early.

In passing afternoon we clinched. We were really cheerful, on top of the world.

We did that. Yes, we did that after lots of struggling. My foolish friend was dancing awkwardly and I lay on grass. Uncle Jim was far, leaned to the wall and gasping deeply.  

The End

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